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This stupid carpal tunnel together with fibro!!!!!! cant believe jus burnt my fingers holding my mug of tea it is a big mug and grip went and hot tea on fingers !!!!AHHHHHHHH it one thing after another isnt it? never mind all ok with fingers will try again with a lighter mug well better laugh or i will cry so ha ha and hope you all ok today love and soft hugs and be careful out there !!!! Diddle x

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LOL well you cant sit in chair and ctry all day you have to be posotive we all do dont we. Carpal tunnel can be operated on if need be and the results are pretty good by what i have read, i also was told by my doctor that steriod injections can be done but i have spoken to people who have had these and they say waste of time have the op, it has not been offered to me as yet but i am sure if i saw my GP she would push for it, the only thing is you are out of action for 6 weeks with one hand and then theydo other hand so that 12 weeks maybe bit more which is along time, so need to be thought about, i have got wrist splints from the physio dept they are really helpful they have got a metal bar running up them (well not a bar it flat ) they really do help (i di not have them on earlier)!!! perhaps you should look into them they would help your strength. they are like a skin coloured(more loike beige) they are ok in winter when you wear jumpers and long sleeve but wont look so nice in summer lol. If you go on google or e bay they do sell them but get them from your Doctor or physio dept. Oh well now dressed so think i will put on my wrist splints and take my little dog up the top of the road bless him, you take care and have a nice day and look into those splints thanks for being there love and soft hugs Diddle xxx


Morning all, Re carpal tunnel, i've had it been operated on, instant relief, could'nt believe it, had the steroid injections once, never again was b****y agony, i was only of work for 3 weeks, but everyone is different, i was told after the op it was agony, but i never found that, the splints never done me any good at night they were thrown across bedroom lol. have a good day.



I have had the op for carpol tunnel and it made such a difference to the painful pins and needles at night but nothing else, I still get the feel that my arm is dead and still get pins and needles but just annoying ones not painful.

I had nerve damage as i didnt have the op done sooner so that might be why i am still left with some things. So thats something to think about.

I couldnt use my hand for about a week which having 3 kids was quite hard.

You can hardly tell the scar though.

kel xxx


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