Bio-Flow magnet therapy

I had a few days from hell with a fibro flare up last week, major pain, gabapentin not touching it, upped the dose from 900mg to 1200mg a day and still not relief. It was when I got out of the shower and was getting dressed I spotted my bio-flow magnet bracelet which I wear because of arthritis and realised I hadnt been wearing it for the duration of the flare........ coincidence, or does it help reduce the pain. I know it works for arthritis pain becuse I use ot all the time, but hadnt thought about it controlling fibro. Any thoughts peeps?

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  • correct me peeps if im wrong, but i think fibro is a type of arthritis so it should help. i know its recognised by national arthritis x

  • I didnt know that Nadine, maybe thats why. i just thought major coincidence and it could help other people

  • i didnt think fibro wasn't a type of arthritis

  • I dont know, all I know is the bioflow seemed to stop the flare. Never associated it with fibro, only arthritis, but it makes sense it can control pain of a flare

  • How weird was that! well i looked into that bio floew magnetic bracelet thing but i could not see anywhere fibromyalgia mentioned but i suppose it is worth a go some of thebracelets are expensive but you can get cheaper ones but dont know if they are as effective has anyone got a magnetic bracelet on here and it helps???? well you have a good day love and soft hugs Diddle xx

  • I actually bought one of those bracelets a few years ago, before I was diagnosed, thinking it would help with the chronic back pain I had. Wore it for a year and couldn't really tell if it was doing anything, I was still in as much pain and took as many painkillers. it's now stuck in the back of a drawer somewhere and I wonder sometimes if I just wasted £65. But, if it works for you, then use whatever works Julieru.

  • The true Bioflow magnets start at £30=+ for a basic fabric bracelet containing the magnet, but they have a 60 day money back return if you dont feel any benefit and a lifetime guarantee (I traded my dogs bioflow collar in for the bracelet I am wearing now)

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