How to round off the perfect day of pain........ Heartburn !

I have things I should be doing, but the gastric reflux is making it impossible . I can't bend forward at all without acid in my throat . That's despite taking my meds this morning that's supposed to prevent it.

Sorry , I'm having a whining day . It's nearly bed time . Hopefully tomorrow will be better because I need to get some strength from somewhere :(

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  • Sending gentle hugs

  • Take care :)

  • so sorry u feel so bad helen, fms is bad enough on its own without other ailments. so hope u feel better soon. wishing u all the best and my thoughts are with you xxx

  • i think they should have i dont like botton on his ... i dont likr it your in pain ...sending hugs

  • Poor you i must say thats one thing i have not had (had everything else lol) but not heartburn, now i have said that will prob develop it and add another tablet to my repeat prescription ha ha . i already satand at the chemist counter and everyone else gets one little bag i normally get huge bag or even carrier bag!!!!!! i am sure people think i am a carer in there when i collect my meds and picking up all of people i care for. . Dont worry your not a whinny it just sometimes you have to get it out you should see some of my old posts lol. but on here you can jus let it all out and there is normally someone to buck you up and more importantently understand. i have gotten so much from this site i really have. You take care and i hope that the sun is shining for you today and you have a lovely day, love and soft hugs Diddle xxxxxx

  • Thanks all for all the support . I love the people on this site !

    Christine I so wish I could say yes ! I was so tired last night I was sure I'd sleep, but I spent the night clock watching . Got to sleep around 3 am and was awake again at 5.30 am . My dog hates me ! ( She sleeps in the hallway and I was up and down to the bathroom every hour , her eyes are all red today bless her lol )

    Yesterday's heartburn has caused the chest pain to linger on and I'm aching all over and totally fed up ! Thanks for asking ( I bet you wish you hadn't now :) )


  • I deal with gastric reflux by taking omeprazole in the morning and downing gallons of Gaviscon Advance after every meal or whenever I can feel it coming on. Not only does it protect your oesophagus, but it also acts as a "raft" because it's so thick and heavy it keeps the acid etc down. Sometimes I'm so desperate I swig it from the bottle. Have you tried it?

  • Hi Gracie.... that post could have been written by me !

    Yes, I keep a bottle of Gaviscon in the bed side table and I also swig it from the bottle . I have other meds I have to take after a meal so keep the Gaviscon to swig at night. I have Lansaprasol in the morning but I'm finding the effects aren't lasting as long now . Maybe my body is getting used to it ?

  • Have a word with your GP about the Lansoprazole - maybe the dose should be changed or maybe you could try a different med. If the mealtime meds aren't working that well - could you add in some Gaviscon as well? Ask your pharmacist. And it is the Gaviscon Advance you're taking isn't it? There are lots of Gaviscons, but only the Advance formula is thick and heavy. Oh well, cheers anyway :)

  • Just a comment.. I am on one 20 mg of Omeprazole every day (pink capsule). It works great for me. Without it I would be dealing with the same as you do. But again alot of meds work different for different people, but if it isn't the one you are on, it would be worth the try.

  • Thanks both. I'm moving home this week ( and therefore GP's ) . Hopefully when I register with a new GP I will find they are helpful . I will then be making an appointment for them to review my medications so I will certainly mention that the Lansoprazole isn't working . I did try the Omeprazole before Sharon but it didn't seem as effective for me .

    My current GP would like to see me off the drug altogether so I think it's worth waiting to see anew GP and see what they have to say . Meanwhile I'll just have to keep sipping Gaviscon at night.


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