Is getting back to work a good idea?

My rheumatologist felt I should get more active to relieve symptoms. I do agree with him to an extent. Exercise can relax my muscles sometimes. I worry it could make me worse though. I've been offered a job as a personal Trainer (yeah does sound a bit crazy.) I feel the need to at least try . Don't know if I'd just be acting too quick on a good spell Should I take it? My family think I'd be better doing the music course I'm interested in since it would be less strenuous.

I salute all those who work with such an invisible illness and those who don't as you are doing the right thing for your body and resting :) It takes a lot of effort in the mind. That's overworked trying to keep positive in my personal opinion that's a form of working I'd say lol We should all be proud of ourselves for just getting through the day!:D

Sorry for the ramble but x love to all x

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  • Hi msBrightside

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I truly believe that we should listen to our hearts in such matters. If it is a dream opportunity for you I would definitely say go for it! However, if the music course is your calling, then go for this even though it will not earn you any money.

    I have been an author since 1986, and it is my calling in life. I have done other jobs (even whilst writing) that people have asked me to take up, but writing is my passion, and I genuinely believe that in a life so short our passion should be so large.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Hey ken

    Thanks for your input :)

    I do have a passion for both.

    The fitness job would be more of a career choice to potentially earn alot. It would be more flexible, as I would only be required to do 6 weeks training and could get a part time job at a local gym. I do worry for my health incase it would be more strenuous than I realise.

    The music course is something I've always wanted to do more a choice of the heart. Would require some travelling though that could tire me out before I even get there. Lol I'm not guaranteed a place too as it would be a late application.

    I've got until Saturday to decide about the fitness job. Eek! I feel I could really help people with that. I've gradually built my own fitness back up with light exercise and the help of the rigt medications x

  • Good luck with whatever decision you make, I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

    Ken x

  • Thank you ken, here's hoping it will all work out

    Shaunna x

  • Ive always worked but I have had to cut right down to an hour a day just have to do what's right for you your body will let you know. As mine did when I tried to do to jobs after two days had to give up & it put me right bk hope you make the right choice for yourself one step at a time tho hugs xxx

  • I am scared I'd be pushing my body too hard. It is mostly training so I don't know if I would be doing alot of hands on stuff. I think it would be mostly written work and a job learning the ropes in a gym. I feel I owe myself to try. It is an exciting opportunity. Yeah I'm thinking I might have to let them know I have a condition because I haven't told them lol don't know of I should.

  • is there any way you could get hold of a job description from a gym?that way you could see if you are ready to do that job,if not you would know which areas you would need to improve in and could maybe work towards those whilst doing the music course then decide at the end of the music course what you want to do?

  • That does sound a good idea. I could probably look it up online. The fitness company I'm working with probably would have an outline of it. My family think I should do the music course. I don't think the opportunity for the fitness job would come up again though.

  • You can always accept the job, start the training, and see how it goes. There is no shame in leaving it if it is too much for you. I suppose part of this may depend on your age and how much you need to build a career right now.

    If your family is supportive of a decision not to return to work, you are one of the lucky ones! Maybe your interest in music will lead you to an entirely different career which is much more tolerable for your physical condition. The kind of exercise trainer postion sounds way too demanding. I have had to learn to lose my pride and I have given up two careers. One I had for 25 years and one for 8. At this time in my life, I don't see working again as a possibility, but as you can see, I have been in the workforce for a long time.

    Whatever you decide, be gentle on yorself and understand your own limitations. It sounds like your family will be on your side and that is more than half the battle.

  • One more thought. If your exercise work could lead you into helping other people with disabilities of all kinds, it would be a lot less strenuous kind of work. This is a possibility as there are many opportunities to teach people this kind of control owver their disabilities. Just as you did for yourself.

  • Oh I'd love to do that kind of work I'd really be doing it to help others :)

  • I'm 23 could do with a career for something else to focus on. Was studying to be a teacher when it all flared up but had to leave my placement last year. I haven't worked since. Now I'm feeling a little better (which may not last but there is a possibility it could) I want to be doing something while I can.

    Yeah I'm definitely lucky :) My mum and dad are fine with it. Even though they could probably do with some financial input from me. There is various uncles etc. That make comments but I just put it down to them not understanding.

    You're right It probably would be demanding. Thanks for reminding me how blessed I am with a supportive family :) x

  • I was dreading my return to work but can see that after being back for 9 weeks or so it's really helped me to take my mind of FMS, gives you a target to aim for, I've shuffled my days around to suit me and I can honestly say I feel better for being back to work,x

  • Hey guys thanks for all your input :) Realised there was hidden fees with the PT course. With the fact of it possibly affecting my health too. I've decided to go with the music course fingers crossed I get a place. Appreciated you all helping me decide. Especially with me being a typical indecisive libra lol x Love to you all xxx

  • I couldn't do it. But I'd think long and hard about it, as our good days aren't always plentiful. If you can follow your heart and keep your limits in mind do what's best for your health sweetheart!!!! Best of luck to you!!! xxx Mitzi

  • I think in my mind I just wanted to convince myself I was fit enough. My body has reminded me the last few days that I'm not. Wobbling about lol had bad muscle cramps in my legs. Without doing any exercise so can only imagine the effect a fitness course would have on it. It was a nice pipe dream though :) Has got me down a little cause I felt I would have been taking a really positive step into a career. Ah well just gotta get on with things, maybe take up gardening or something Instead haha x

    Thank you Mitzi you are totally right! xx

  • Take care sweetheart. Don't ever give up hope, just do what you can and leave the rest ;) xxx Mitzi

  • That's true gotta know your limits I always find something to do anyways luckily I'm easily amused lol a good book could sort me for the day :) Take care Mitzi xxx

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