Hello peeps,

Just a quickie I have had trouble with the internet again. so I went to a Jamie Oliver party at my neighbours..... and after the DVD showing Jamie OLiver, and looking at some of the products..... the conversation suddenly turned to Fifty Shades of Grey, there were only 4 people who hadn't read it and are now determined to either get iy on Kindle or buy the book!!!

What a swift change Mr Jamie Oliver or Mr Christian Grey????? ..............................

Well thats all from me, I will try again tomorrow.

Hope everyone has gentle sleeps so gentle hugs to all

Love Sue x x x

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  • i know i feel like im the only one who hasnt read it ! or got it lol ,glad im not the only one :)

  • hi i am nearly three quarters through the third fifty shades books they are a bit shall we say saucy in parts but the story is really good so just have to grit your teeth in the rude bits lol the 1sy one in the set isworst the 2nd and 3rd are alot better i find i downloaded them on my kindle so go on take yourself into another world for a bit you will ove it take care love diddle xxx

  • The joy of kindle diddle!!!!

    Hugs x x x


  • Hello Anastasia Steele !!!!!

  • Whats that then Christine, beans on toast ?????!!!!!

    Love and hugs

    Sue x x x

  • Mmmmmmmm you can make the film in your mind, so thats probably a good idea!!!

  • Lol x x x

  • the film will never be the same as the book . they would not be able to put half the stuff in xx

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