Currently in hospital.

I have been hospitalised with kidney and bladder infections as my anti biotics from my gp were not helping. If they touch the area that's sore I cry in pain. It hurts very much and itsmy 2nd day here and a week of being treated. Does Anyone else find it hard to get rid of minor illnesses?

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  • Hi emjane,

    So sorry to hear you are having such problems. I hope they manage to clear it up for you quickly. I think minor illneses linger with us as do major ones still wishing you better xgins

  • You are in the best place to be if your infections haven't cleared up with gps help take this week to lie back in bed rest and recuperate and relax and with not having anything to do it will give your body a much needed rest to get yourself better

    Vg x

  • Sorry to hear u r in hospital emjane, hope u get better soon, make the most of the rest whilst u can gentle hugs for u ..Dee xx

  • Yes, being in hospital does have a silver lining - you get lots of rest! Relax and sleep, and try not to worry.

    Let us know if you need any help eating all your grapes - we'll be round straight away, bringing supplies for a bedside party! :)

    Moffy x

  • I hope you feel well again soon. Take the time in hospital to relax...

  • Hope you feel well soon.



  • I know how noisy and un relaxing hospital can be ! try your best to rest,try some meditation and slow your breathing down,that may help you to sleep and heal faster xx

  • i was in hospital last week with a bad chest infection which i had for weeks they said because i have fibromyagila infections take longer to get rid of,hope this is helpful to you> hope you get well soon and best of wishies>

  • I really hope you feel much better soon. H.ave you got access to an mp3 type player, it might help to block out some of the ward noise in the evening and at night, particularly if you put some relaxing music on there it may help you go to sleep.

    Gentle hugs and best wishes. As Moffy said if you need help with the grape situation we'll be there like a shot.

    Becky. Xx

  • Hope you feel better soon your in the best place to get well stick your feet you and get plenty of bed rest gentle gugs. ttfn. Sithy

  • That should say hugs ({}) get well soon remember stick your feet up and rest and Tay not to worry gentle gugs lol hugs ({}). Sithy :-)

  • That's try gosh my spellings bad today even with predicted on Fibro fog and being tired don't mix.

  • Hi everyone

    I have never had so many anti biotics pumped through my body - the put them on a drip and fluids on a drip. I was discharged last night. I am pleased I am home as now I can relax and get some sleep so I can go back to work tomorrow.

    I notices on my discharge letter it says kidney infection, enlarged spleen and fibromyalgia flare up ? My fibromyalgia must be affecting my back a lot more than I thought! I have rung and told my pain management consultant today and I am there next week for my Lidocaine Infusion which is now 5 weeks over due!

    Finding out from my scan yesterday my spleen was enlarged but hopefully this will go back down to normal size.

    Ems xx

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