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I have been suffering pains in my legs since a child, which they dismissed as growing pains. I am now 38 and have recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. In the last 2 weeks the pain in both legs have become unbearable, especially early evening to nighttime. They seem to throb like a tooth ache would, also have very sore tender points on my thighs, exactly same place. I cannot relax in bed without my hotwater bottle its a god send, I am also on usual pills, amtriptyline, cipralex, tramadol and paracetemol but the pain is still there. Even hot baths do not do anything. On ceratin occasion I wake at night and my legs feel extremely numb like I have lost feeling in them, and its not the only time, if i lay on settee to watch film I ll get up to go to loo and legs have gone from underneath me. I have an appointment with doc again next weel but just wondered if anyone else experiances this ?? is it common with Fibro??

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  • hi , sorry to hear that your suffering but i do understand your pain , sometimes i feel like i would prefer my legs to be amputated because of the level of the pain im suffering with . i just dont feel that i can put my legs anywhere for relief . would be interested if this is common in fibro

  • Do you find your leg and foot pain is worse on resting iv no problem while walking just when sitting and in bed can be a nightmare at times

  • Hi, There was a thread on here about fibromyalgia feeling like 'growing pains' which is exactly how I describe it, only more intense. I too often wake up with a numb arm/shoulder - legs sometimes. I get sciatic type pain down my left hip and leg which was giving way when walking long before I was diagnosed with fibro. Still happens now when I've overdone it.

  • Hi there, yes this is common. A Neurologist diagnosed Restless legs syndrome for me and was told it is part of Fibromyalgia. My legs always hurt to touch. a Slight knock feels so painful. I describe it as being battered with a baseball bat. My calves always want to cramp and for the past few months my feet are really painful. I can drag my legs around sometimes but try to do some exercise to help keep them mobile.

  • That's exactly how I describe it being beaten with a baseball bat

  • I have restless legs/painful legs, they drive me crazy. It seems common with Fibro. It feels like little gremlins are firing red hot arrows through my legs and I can't keep them still. Even in bed when lying on my side, I can't bear my legs to touch. I never had any problems with my legs before I was diagnosed, so I put it all down to Fibro. I went to see my consultant at the hospital and told her about my leg problems, she prescribed methocarbamol tablets and this helps when having a particularly bad spell. Also it helps with the red hot feeling in my knees and heels. :)

  • so sorry ure not too good and i hope u soon get a reprieve, until then, take care the best u can, wjsh u well xx

  • I too suffer with bad leg pains and numbness and also leg twitching and jerking especially when im in bed,Im sorry you have this problem its all part of Fibro my G.P tells me..I also have my legs going under me when i get up or if ive been walking too long :) x

  • yep, leg pain has been the most consistent and unbearable pain in my body for the pain three years. i love my hotwater bottle too... its a godsend... i know its painful but whatever you do, dont give up on being mobile, the exercise is important....why dont y purchase a walking stick? i use mine( from the OT) when my legs are particlary bad or if i can feel my body beginning to shut down ( after three years ive learnt to read the signs that mean im gonna have a fall).. keep ya chin up and hugs.xxxx

    Ps if you have a swimming pool that does hot water sessions, give it a go... i go once a week and its a godsend.x

  • yes, unfortunately painfull legs, thighs and area ! are some of my worst fibro symptoms.Even a morphine concoction hardly touches the pain.x

  • Hi

    You could be describing me to a tee, my leg feel the same,also at times they just won't move,and they jump involeary movement drives me mad, gently hugs I'm going back to my doc will let you know how it goes,good luck with you app.

  • I have just started with this toothache was the only way I can describe it worse at night

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