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How to feel like you been to gym doing weights!!!!!!!

Well today the tops of my arms feel like i have been in the gym pumping iron for 2/3 hours well if i have i cant remember it!or perhaps i fell asleep and slept walked to the local gym???? maybe thats why? oh well its gradually creeping down the rest of my body so in few hours will feel like i am wearing a mitchelin man suit and with pain on top what a happy day i will have today! perhaps i should go buy a scratchcard and win the jackpot? trouble is cant be bothered to stumble to the shop and backoh well i have probably just missed out on a fortune and i cant even say never mind i got my health lol. ok people well i am now going to get out my kindle and get lost in someone elses life in a book sounds like a good idea to me so hope you all have a lovely day and will prob be back and soft hugs to you all Diddle x

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Ouch, poor you Diddle. It's my day off today and I've sat about since I got up at 6:30am and been deciding what hurts most. My 3rd finger on the right hand has been really painful lately but that will be the arthritis and last night I had terrible shooting pains in my little toe! Didn't half hurt. The outside edge of my foot has the same pains. My back, just where the bra line is aches all the time too. Elbows as well........

Enjoy your reading, what do you read? Have a good day and gentle hugs to you.

Sue x


i read all different things the only thing i dont like is horror/sci fi, i like all period books set in the 1800;s i know within few pages if i like a book or not but it is nice just to lose yourself isnt it take care have good day love and soft hugs xxDiddle x


thankyou for that be on here tomorrow got to go feel like s--T1 not one to sweare but i do sorry love and oh so gentle hugs to you too love diddle xxx


cant agree with you more on that one thanks for giving me lots of smiles thats one hing fibro has not taken yet love and soft hugs diddle x


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