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Constant back pain

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Any advice please, I am in constant pain with back lower and upper back I'm on gabapentin but never seems to help. This is affecting everything from work to family life. Any advice

18 Replies
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I’ve got degenerative disc disease in upper and lower back as well as fibro so feel and understand your pain.

I find heat packs helpful, but would say the thing that benefits me most is Pilates. There are some really gentle exercises that stretch out the spine and also that develop the muscles that support your back.

At work change position regularly, take breaks when you can to stretch. If you have an office job, make sure your workstation is assessed and set up correctly and your chair is adjusted to suit you.

Take care.

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Minniebuttons in reply to Jaycee18

Thank for your reply I do all this, I am a early years teacher and finding it increasingly difficult to work .

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YassytinaFMA UK Volunteer

Sorry too read of your back pain , have you spoke too your doctor recently about having an X-ray on your back it will give you a clearer picture in case any thing has changed , what makes me say this is I had an X-ray on my back and they found I had a very slight fracture, perhaps when you e been checked speak to your doc about the pain meds , take care I hope things improve for you .

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Minniebuttons in reply to Yassytina

Thank you for your response

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healingspirit in reply to Yassytina


I also had an X-ray for my back ache there was an anterior vertebrae height loss at T6 which my GP said is a fracture but I’m not convinced

Was your fracture in the thoracic or lumbar and what was the fracture ?

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As above id ask for referals if not done so Maybe rieview with doc about meds

Not sure about gabepentin but im no doc

Dehydracodine paracetamol ipobroen good for back pain relief abd uf ever bed bound

Diazepam 3 days ot to use a lot though

Id deff see doc for a rieview if it done so

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Have they diagnosed Fibromyalgia alone and have you had other back issues ruled out with x-rays or a scan?Unfortunately, many back issues are made worse by the posture you have to be in each day at work and I know that as an Early Years teacher you will spend a lot of your day bent down in a position that will flare up anything inflammatory. The physical nature of your job will also make pacing hard to reduce the impact of overexertion on your symptoms.

Is it possible for you to sit more often with a straight back while you teach , or bending at the knees rather than leaning over and bending at the back could bring some relief.

Have you tried Pregbalin? It's like Garbapentin but it can have a better result on lower doses with less effect on the stomach. Paracetamol taken at regular times in the day can help reduce the impact of inflammation.

Duloxetine is also a good option in combination with Pregbalin or Garbepentin.

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back hurting can be pulled muscles, even costochondritis, however can be something more, it may be a kidney infection,. its best to get checked by the doctor asap.

used to get a pain in back for lung infections which was weird, that needed anti robotics, thanks to fibro. could give coordinates to doctor to listen with the cold round thingy.

Then again can also tell oh when getting a pimple pushing through back skin, he has to get his reading glasses and looking glass to see it, with the pain would think its a bowling ball.

hope your pain reduces soon.

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This sorts my back out every time I have problems:

I hope it helps.

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same here, funny how back hurts but when you touch the Area it doesn’t hurt, I guess it’s the nerve that lies underneath the muscle and that’s the cause of the pain. I’m told deep tissue massage will only make this worse, in summary gentle movement like tai chi, Pilates and yoga would hopefully bring some relief.🤞🤞

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Hi I have ankylosing spondylitis on my L3,L4,L5,S1. The doctors had done a branch block but it didn't work and I felt everything! Most excruciating pain I had ever felt. It helps me to to arch my back when I get pain because it feels like a concertina. Have you tried cat stretches? Sending gentle hugs.

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If gabapentin doesn't work you can try pregabalin. They are very similar but people seem to have a preference for one or the other. I take it for various things, but mainly for back pain (I have compression fractures); it is making me very sleepy at the moment but you have to start low and find a dosage that suits you. I think stretching really helps, too.

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I had spinal surgery at the age of 34 and the pain has returned more over the years. To manage I take Pregablin, Etoricoxib an anti-inflammatory and amitriptyline before bed. Co-dyramol a pain killer can also help if particularly bad. I do not sit on low chairs as this makes it worse and I don't stay in one position for too long. I would try to see a physiotherapist as they can give you exercises to improve your core strength.

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I would go to the chiropractor, often with upper and lower back pain it can be your pelvis twisted causing both , they can work you back into alignment , it has given me my life back x

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hi I had been on gabapentin for many years and with gp support I came off it over the last six weeks She said research has shown they’re not as effective as the drug companies made them out to be

I am taking some Cbd oil which is expensive about £6 a week Speak to dr about changing and X-ray maybe L

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Minniebuttons in reply to tanniedog

Thank you for your response I will be contacting doctor later today

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Hya I too for years n years have been under pain clinic having different injections done under X-ray but nothing ever hit the spot I’ve paid private for MRI SCANS and it always comes back as muscular but this time pain clinic advised me on Botox injections into the back pain area and after 30 years of chronic back pain this was like someone instantly turning a light on in my body and no more back pain this was September 22 it’s just starting to get a little niggley but if it can last me 6 months il be more than happy before I get my next injections Hope this helps xx

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