what a day

hi everyone I have had an odd day today been tired and found it hard to consentrate today at work i asked some one to please put the plate away and handed them a tray then put a dirty wet dishcloth in the cupboard and threw a brand new dry one iin the bin my work mates looked at me as if I were mad i felt liike a right fool. I hope tomorrow is a better day i am fed up getting funny looks

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  • hi karen thanks for making me giggle and when i have days like that i just laugh at myself and others do find the funny side too.

  • Well we all do things like that and we have got to be the first to laugh at it and make a joke of it its the only way to keep your sanity. perhaps tomorrow will be a better day for you lol love and soft hugs diddle xxx

  • hi karen, i tried to open my car with the house keys lol, we all do some right daft stuff, i bet if we all got together and wrote a book it would be a best seller! joking apart fibro fog is so frustrating and often embarrasing, i wish u wsell x

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