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Tips for better sleep?

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For the past week I have not been sleeping well. But tonight really takes the biscuit as my back is in terrible pain that hot water bottles nor paracetomol and ibuprofen is taking even the slightest edge off. All I've wanted to do All weekend is sleep and have had a few naps.

The doctors hasn't given me other pain meds and have told me to take. I am on 90mg Duloxetine in the morning as well as 25mg vitamin D tablets. And i am currently on 75mg Pregablin , which I am slowly weaning off of because apparently this medication causes long term damage.

I have had a blood test done a month ago which showed my vitamin D levels being low and then I had one done last week which they have found something and want to talk to be on Wednesday about it as they found some sort of virus last time though I didn't feel unwell

I am just looking for ways to have better sleep as it is now truly affecting everything and I want to cry.

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Hi there, this maybe of interest to

One of our members posted about it earlier.


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accidentalglixch in reply to Dizzytwo

Thank you, I can't take them right now due to interactions it would have with Pregablin 😓

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well I know I won’t be much help as I struggle myself and even worse since my eldest son was killled last month but if my bed could stay cold I would be able to get off to sleep faster.Heat gives my back and buttocks pain at night and I am always shuffling about trying to find a cold space.They say don’t drink any fluids for hours before or look at phones,computers etc aswell.No scary films too.I rub ibroprophen gel on affected parts but this wears off sometimes before I get a chance to nod off.

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JKW1 in reply to Fra22-57

Have you tried Cold Pads, they sell them on Amazon, I have some livivo ones and find them a God send 🙋

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Fra22-57 in reply to JKW1

Oo thankyou. I have never heard of them so I will take a look

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DizzytwoModerator in reply to Fra22-57

I am sorry to read about the loss of your son. Sending you my very sincere condolences xx


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Fra22-57 in reply to Dizzytwo

Thankyou for has been so hard to accept.Crying n angry.He was hit behind by a car as he was cycling to work. Driver admitted responsibility .it is just not fair.

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DizzytwoModerator in reply to Fra22-57

My heart goes out to you. I don't know how I would cope if it had been my son.

I dont wish to jump in to someone else's post. But please know you can PM me if you wish xx

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poor u x it is awful when you feel like that and in pain x I slept a bit badly last night and I feel very tired 😴 I hope you are ok and maybe phone the doctor for some advice for some short term painkillers that may help or look into natural things x hope you find something x

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hey lovely. I too have and still are at my whits end. It’s a constant merry go round isn’t it!! I have been told that ibuprofen with lycine i think it is, works al little better but I’ve not found anything at all that works for the pain ❤️

I was on qduloxetine for quite a while and felt ok on them at first, but a few month ago I felt I had kinda levelled out to a degree I felt numb. I too was on 90mg I told the dr I was coming off them and I am now tablet free and basically starting again.

I pushed (cos they ‘forgot) about pain clinic, I’ve had a few dealings with them but I am really waiting for the last section about medication, different therapies etc.

my health at the moment is horrendous with constant headaches, been diagnosed with cluster headaches and also they have found a positive ANA in a blood text so they looking into that.

Like you hun everything hurts!! 😞 I’ve just come off the phone though to a therapist who treats people with long term debilitating Illnesses. He treats through CBT. I got this through mental health cos I really have had enough.

My mind set for now is, I’m in no tablets so I’m an open book with all my ailments laid bare for them lol and will try hard with the CBT.

All I can suggest is keep pestering, don’t let them forget you, and please please try not to worry, ironic me saying this as this is something I’m being treated for through the CBT!

there are lots of different things out there for us to try as much as it wears us down and just adds to all the pain etc, we are worriers with damn disease. But we are all here for each other. Keep strong lovely and good luck. Sorry I couldn’t really help xx

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Hi I sleep in a body pillow because of my spine I do take amitriptyline at 9pm which makes me feel tired so I'm able to get some sleep which helps a lot.

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I dont take Paracetamol regularly. I usually take them when my hips and lower back are aching in bed. They seem to ease it.

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