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Freek Out!!!!!!

OMG, have just taken my son to the ski centre where he has been haivng snow board lessons. It was so busy. There were kids, ski's, snowboards, mental parents, noises, voises everywhere. I couldn't handle it. I just wanted to shout at everyone to leave me alone, not that they were actually doing anything to me!!!

I was getting so uptight and just made me realise why I love my little home so much and don't like the company of too many other people.

Just thought I would share it as I know others can feel like this and it is one of the symptoms of FMS. It sure is horrible!!!

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Oh and to add my silly husband just thought I was getting stroppy and didn;t understand how I felt or why I was getting uptight!!!! I told him that it was a symptom and he just said yeah yeah whatever......I'll show him the research and then maybe Ill get a more human response next time this happens!!!


Yeah I'll agree with both of you HUSBANDS!!!!! ha,

But omg I thought it was just me! I didnt realise this was a symtom of the FM,

well that makes a lot more sence now, thank you very much xxx


Im just the same, to many people or noises all at once and I dont know wheather to cry, scream or hit someone....I usually just leave :)


I too cannot stand noises or too many people talking at the same time i just wanna scream shut up, i like the quiteness of my house when kids are school and partners at work its heaven lol.

kel xxx


noise and bright lights - cannot stand them!! you have my sympathies. Try ear plugs in crowded places.


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