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Burning itchy hands and feet?


Hi guys Im having issues with my skin itchy burning sensations do others get this with there fibromyalgia I get I nearly every day I notice it more in summer and winter xx❄️🌞can some one tell me why fibro effects our skin thank you xxxc

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Hi Lola, no idea fibro packed with the oddest symptoms I experience on my palms and soles of feet too much tenderness and a sensation as if ants crawling beneath my skin! I've not had the urge to scratch yet lol, this condition packed with unusual symptoms best to mention to GP Lola.

Hope it settles X

Lolabaker in reply to Alizah

Thanks hun hope ur OK as can be doc said its the fibromyalgia it is a not so common symptom apparently xxx

eleanor68 in reply to Alizah

I get really itchy, it’s worse at night also tingling. I’ve had Fibromyalgia for 30 years and there seems to be no other cause other than Fibromyalgia. I’ve had all relevant tests. It can be worse after spicy food, and stress doesn’t help. I have found taking Magnesium Citrate has lessened it. I hope this helps.

Hi Lolabaker

Funny enough I was thinking about it last night!. I have got itchy hand (left hand only) for weeks now and it’s in the same location. It’s a mild itch but over a month ago it was around my abdomen and I was itching it 24/7 so hard that I got a bruise from it. The locum GP prescribed antihistamines. By the time I went to collect the meds from the local chemist it suddenly stopped.

Hope you get better as time goes by. 🤞🌹

Lolabaker in reply to Painny

The wonderful fibro 🙄😘

bora62 in reply to Painny

How weird I have a patch of skin on left side and one on inner thigh on right leg, constantly itch like ants under skin and bruised as itch that much, hands and feet swell and get hot but apparently they are arthritis related not my fibro, the itching patches are still not explained by any hospital dept, tried creams and been in Telfast (anti histamine) for 10 years ? There itching patches are weird aren't they ? lol

Painny in reply to bora62

I am also in the same category, sometimes the itch is so bad that I want to chop the affected area. I think NHS is overwhelmed and they do not have time to dig deeper but for us the symptoms can be a nightmare 🌹💫

I get this too. Sometimes if I’m driving the itch on the bottom of my foot is so bad I could cry..

I also get it in the palms of my hands. I’ve scratched the skin sore so many times. I’m relieved this is another fibro symptom..

Thanks Rosie girl lol my daughters name is Rosie girl xxx it's such an annoying symptom it drives me mad x


Hi there, I know it's often said and sorry to be a bore :) But not everything we feel is fibro related. Itchy hands and feet can be the cause of many other health issues something simple like dry skin is a particularly common cause of itching without a rash. Sometimes people have dry skin due to an underlying medical condition, such as an under active thyroid (hypothyroidism) or Sjogren's syndrome (a disease that typically causes arthritis, dry eyes, and dry mouth)

Diabetes can also cause itching. One of these skin conditions is eruptive xanthomatosis, which can make hands and feet itch. It's caused by out-of-control diabetes, and it goes away when the disease is managed well. It can also make you itchy on your arms, legs, and buttocks.

So It always best to get any new symptom checked out IMO I believe too many things are put down too quickly to fibro In my 35 years of suffering with this horrible illness i've found more often than not what what I feel turns out to be pretty harmless and try not to give it a second thought or it would drive me mad. Over thinking is the worse thing ever it can become crippling to both mind and body. But when something feels different or is new to me I go get it checked out xx


Hi mo mo your not a bore it's true to not put everything down to fibromyalgia but I'm not diabetic and I haven't got serjeons syndrome I do get dry eys though my skin burns and tingle all the time it's like sun burn very odd in my case it must be the fibro I just like to see if others get this also xxxx take care

DizzytwoModerator in reply to Lolabaker

Hi Lola, I just put those two things as examples. There are many other reasons we may get itching or anything else for that matter and it's not always due to fibro. So if any symptoms get bad I really would check it out with your GP. I hope you have a good weekend :)

I can relate to all that you say regarding the burning, itching skin. I am always scratching somewhere! The burning is much like sunburn, but know it is not. I use aloe vera gel when the burning pain is great, as it definitely cools it down. Do try it. Love Roselil


I also get itching but I do have many conditions. My Dr gave me fexofenadine 180 mg which does help. Hope you get some relief dion.

Love and hugs Lynne xxxx ❤️💜

Yes I get that it’s not very nice I’ve tried all kinds of hand creams but nothing has worked yet and when your out and get it , it is very embarrassing as you keep itching any way chin up we will find some thing that will help

I can relate to the itching and feeling as if I have sunburn. Unfortunately, this is mostly on my face (sometimes hands). I have managed not to scratch but it is annoying. I will mention it to the doctor again - if I ever manage to see her again!


I've had fibromyalgia for 20+ years now only yesterday I had to contact my GP with itchy red rash on both arms and 1 knee. She's unsure what it is so told me to double my fexofenidine and use dermal 500 cream. Unsure as yet what the cause is. Got to ring on Monday if no change. Hope everyone is safe and strong as can be in this crazy year. 🌹🌹

Hi I have Fibro and experience the same. Sometimes the skin on my legs feels so sensitive like it is sunburnt but the skin doesn’t change colour. However, when I get the same sensation but accompanied with redness from about mid calf down and all over my feet, it’s a major sign for me that I am about to have a pretty awful flare up and have to rest. My Rheumatologist is aware of this and has never once said it is not linked to the fibromyalgia. I do also have raynauds and under active thyroid.

I find cold wet flannels can help soothe but normally allowing my body to rest will do the trick eventually!

Hope you find something that works for you.

Lolabaker in reply to Romcom

Thanks for ur reply buddy I to get red hot rashes x

My fibro is mainly waist down and I get burning (like bad sunburn pain), tingling and ants crawling under the skin on my legs most of the time. Gabapentin reduces it somewhat. The 'ants' were one of my first symptoms long before I was diagnosed. Horrible isn't it!

Soles of my feet are the worst. The burning can get so bad that when walking the dogs the other day I stood in a stream in my wellies to cool them down. Could barely walk for a couple of days after. I think this happened because I’d taken the gel insoles out if my boots to wash.

I’ve found gel soles ( Superdrug own brand seem to be as good as dearer ones) really help. And almost flat shoes/ boots.

I have dogs so if that happens to me on a walk thanks for tip 🤣

It's horrible my worst parts are hands feet and sometimes face x

Yes I get itchy skin, with fibromylagia, +if you take tramadol to help with pain it also makes you itch, drives me mad some times 😜😜😜😜

YassytinaFMA UK Volunteer

Morning Lola, I do quite often itch never sure really why as skin not in bad condition for my age 😜59, I do use E45 , I hate wearing layers of clothes so when I get in from the outside off come the layers as feel so much better then, no burning, xxxx

Yes I get burning itching and I’ve tried a number of things to reduce it. It’s strange it’s usually at night but it’s different from restless legs I feel as it’s just hot burning and you have to scratch.

Lolabaker in reply to Hcharles

Yes that's it it's hot and burns so u feel the need to scratch it I find its worse in summer and winter x

Hcharles in reply to Lolabaker

I know it sounds crazy but when I go to bed I put a fan on. I’ve got a hot water bottle usually for my tummy cramps or goosebump chills but I can put my legs out to try and cool them. Maybe worth trying & see how you get on. I also have thick cream I slap on - body shop

Hemp body butter.

I occasionally have this burning type of itchiness on hands & feet. But I do have very dry skin everywhere else, and if & when I allow/ed it more contact with water and soap it would get extremely maddeningly itchy, like it used to. Many meds (pain killers like COX2-inhibitors and metamizole) have caused either rashes all over or extreme itchiness. But I don't have this kind of itchiness on my hands & feet...

Hi Lola.

I get itchy also. It's extremely annoying. It drives me crazy especially in the evening. I have always thought it was the peripheral neuropathy I got from chemotherapy. I suffer from fibro so I don't know anymore. My hand palms itch a lot! 😔

I have psoriasis as an added fibro pressie. The soles of my feet get so dry and itchy. It tends to be worse wherever there is a fold or join in my skin, and when it gets moist at all it gets complicated by fungal infections. The worst is when it affects my face and scalp. It's very bad on my forehead at the moment and if I touch it I end up looking like I've got the worlds worst case of dandruff. The psoriasis tends to come and go but is always worse when ever I'm stressed or going through something ... such as a pandemic. Thankfully I've been able to work from home since March so I'm able to rest aching muscles and deal better with fatigue.

I heard that people suffering from fibro often have an autoimmune disease as well such as psoriasis (also have thyroid problems)

Thanks Paulie funny enough I'm having a flare up so I guess I get that before as a beginning symptom of a horrendous flare hope ur well x

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