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cold hands and feet


Hi one and all

Just another question that maybe you can help me with

My hands and feet get extremely cold and my finger and toe nails go blue/purple

Is this another fibro thing or something else

Thank you

higs Penny xxx

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Hi hun , soul sousie ges this . message her she wont mind shes a darling xxx

in reply to rosehip

thank you will go and od that xxx

Hi fairlady

i too suffer really bad with this an i think it is part of my fibro

hugs sasha xx

Penny, yes I do get this it is part of Fibro, but I also have just 1 finger that goes really white and hurts like mad and sometimes it goes almost black, its quite scary!!! I was told that this was Raynaulds so that might be another question to add to your list.


Sue x x x

thank you hilly and sue

yes i will add it to my list lol

hugs Penny xx


same here I was told by orthopedic I ve got raynaulds, toes go white and the pain is awful

Hello all,

I don't believe this is directly a symptom of Fibro, but Raynaud's Disease or Phenomenon is quite commonly suffered by people who have Fibro.

It sounds like you all need to be checked out for it, but have a look at this link on NHS Choices first.

happy hugs, kate :)


I have permanently cold hands but especially my feet. I usually wear two pairs of socks, or thick walking socks but my feet never seem to feel warm and I wear thermal fingerless gloves on my hands. At night it's a hot water bottle and an electric blanket to keep me warm all year round. Having said that, I've got used to it now and it doesn't bother me that much. I didn't have these problems before Fibromyalgia so I think it's related. My GP seems to think it is. I was told that when we get cold our bones and muscles stiffen and everything starts to ache, and that's exactly how it feels. It does tend to ease with warmth. This is also the reason why we tend to find Winter particularly difficult too, also cold wetter weather. It's always best to get checked out though if you suffer form cold hands and feet just to rule out other conditions like Raynaud's Disease etc. :) :)


hi yes my hands and feet get really cold but i have also got carpal tunnel too so maybe go to gp and ask him about this love to you diddle x

I get very cold hands feet and of all silly things knees. My heated slippers that plug into my laptop are a godsend. Even if they are a great source of amusement ot my grandchildren lol xxx


Hi I also have cold hands & feet while the rest of me is hot.

The only relief I get is when I go to bed with my hot water bottle. Then I bdgin to defrost.

Best wishes


Hi, i get cold hands and feet. Its awful at times. I wear thick socks too. XX

I have always suffered with cold hands and feet and my hands can go numb and dead white. The Dr. says it is Reynads syndrom. Have heard this is also another on the list of FM ailments. regards Sue.

I have ice cold hands and feet, also oddly a cold nose, even though the rest of me is warm, my nose hurts when it defrosts. I have fibro, but am not certain this is a symptom (so difficult to know what is and isn't) i was told i have a hole in my heart two weeks ago, if i hadn't have had the xray i would never have known. The list of ailments keeps on growing.. good luck hun xxx

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