Burning feet :-(

So this week good old fibro has decided that my feet need to hurt like I have ran 3 marathons, sleepless night through the pain last night! Just had to go and buy shoes with a comfort insole.....like I am a granny (actually felt like I was shopping wiypth my nan again, rejecting shoes as not right!) I am 37,I want inappropriate pretty shoes still!!!! Shoes that people say bloody hell how can you walk in them?? Lol not comfort insole, although the ones I did buy are amazing and so nice on my burning soles :-)

Anyone else have this, I have brought a pair of crutches to try and help when they get this bad but am already dreading the arm ache these will cause......aaaaarrrrgggghhhh go away fibro, you little sod!!!

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  • Oh, Ginger..! I'm pretty *old* myself ~ a Grammy! ~ but even so, I still want to wear cute and fun shoes! I don't have your issue w/burning feet, but I do have plantar fasciitis, and occasionally a joint in one or even BOTH feet will flare and I can't put pressure on either foot! And I fall now and then, too! My Doc said my feet often have blood pooling at my toes ~ nothing at all serious ~ they just get red! So I get it: yet more problems that FM sends to make life miserable ...

    I have a closet full of awesome shoes and high heels (they feel good on, but I fear falling, and oh, my it hurts when you remove them!). I'm down to wearing only dependable, comfy "flat" ones ... as fashionable as I can find! And I spend more than I should since I only wear those very few now! I need to give away all the others ... and USE the great "tree limb walking stick" I bought some time ago.

    I don't really care much what people think, because I'm a really *SASSY* one the older I get!!! (I think age brings that privilege, as long as I'm still *SWEET* too ~ right?!?) Hope the burning stops soon ...

  • Love this, not pain but your enthusiasm and working with fibro! My shoes are all off on ebay! I fall off heels but that's wine not fibro most of the time lol

  • Mine have to be fully adjustable as my feet swell and i never know just how big they will be at any given time.

    I have one pair each of trainers, Flip flops, Sandals and a great big ugly pair of back waterproof shoes oh and a pair of those plastic beach shoes, cant for the life of me remember what they are called. :(

  • Are they crocks?

  • Yep thats them, blue with a pink butterfly. :P

  • Yep yep yep yep yap yap yap lol

  • Flip flops wear them they help

  • Try wearing flip flops

  • I have got one pair but with swollen feet they tend to dig in

  • O I see get a. Bigger pair

  • Its my hands and feet and my top of my arms

  • Join the pain crew

  • Yes I was nodding along to everything you put. I just had a table at a sale and sold two of my gorgeous heeled shoes as they kept on laughing at me every time I opened the wardrobe door and I hate being mocked! I would love someone to come up with some really great padded flats that didn't look like they should be worn with a military uniform. Isn't it terrible when you find a pair of shoes that actually fit and are comfy and when they start to wear you find they have discontinued that particular one.

    I find when I have the burning sensation that Freeze gel is the only thing that gives me a few minutes of respite.

    Hope you have a better night tonight. I was up with back and hand pain all last night so can commiserate.x

  • Freeze gel on shopping list for tomorrow :-)

  • Are you getting snow boots too lol

  • And evans, they had some very nice padded flats today, if I hadn't felt like I was reliving my teenage years as they were quite 90s (seriously, a 90s revival is ridiculous!) I would have got them as it's rare to find a size 4 in evans :-) would definately recommend for padded flats and padded party flats too!

  • Try double base cream from the doctors Mix with Tiger balm Wear flip flops

  • Am so glad to know this isn't just me, my feet are throbbing and my left one I can hardly bend, owwwww :-( bottle of wine with friends has not helped either!

  • Even if they still hurt ... at least maybe you don't "care" quite so much ... !!! haha!?

    We must remember caution w/meds, even tho' my doc did suggest I try a glass at night for insomnia ... (Didn't help with sleep, but I enjoyed my long hours awake more!)

  • I very rarely drink, in fact the last time I had alcohol was October!! I tend to head for the stuff that as low alcohol content and then dilute it like it's squash!!! :-)

  • Well I know what it like my feet are numb with and burning pain the only thing that helps is by weaing flip flops I I don't know why but it does Eve n in bed

  • I tell you I do the same as you plus the pian glows up my legs , arms neck and face Iv found a twin I'm male from Essex Shall we have a pain date I will tell you this honey , numb feet it's hiorrible try wearing flip flops it's takes some of the pain away so shall I call you the black eyes peas Wow I love that Fergy a right stunner How about it the pain twins xxx

  • hiya,yes I ave burning hands and feet all the time and the only thing that helps a tiny bit is the gabapentin x I have known myself go to bed with wet towels wrapped round my feet x

  • I found that flip flops helps my feet I even wear them in bed Just try it see what you think x

  • hi ginger so sorry your in so much pain i hae fibro and prifual neuropathy nerve damage to my feet .i was in the same position as you agony to walk cant find shoes then i spoke to my podiatrist he told me to go to the shuropody shop in town they have lots of shoes for women and men i got a pair od swade shoes and some grips to put inside to stop my feet slipping and a pair of slipers also a lovely pair of sandals i wanted some ankle boots they said the winter stock is not in yet but they wil phone me when it comes in the 2 pairs of shoes ad the slipers came to £60 they had a sale on i wil always shop there now i can walk with no pain i got an e fitting they do wider fittings hope this helps they have a shuropady shop in most towns .

  • no "fibro hat" on for this as it's only a friend's idea - she puts Vic menthol rub on her aching feet and joints! I've never tried it, it's up to you if you do.

  • I have been and bought some deep freeze muscle cream and i also got some tired feet cooling mint roll on concoction....One has to work!! Tried deep freeze and it definately eased off for burning, so far so good!

  • I use tigar balm mixed with double base cream I get from the doctors it helps Plus I wear flip flops that helps too try it

  • Thank you all so much, glad to know I am not alone! Best is I had it last summer but brain fog deleted the pain from my memory until it started again last week but this year is so much worse :-( funnily enough though my hands are always bloody cold..yesterday to the point that I was shivering and tempted to walk about in Doncaster primark wearing a pair of flowery garden gloves to warm them up! Fibromyalgia has most definately ruined any sense of fashion I once had lol :-)

  • I went to Doncaster once it was closed HA HA

  • Burning, painful feet ( upper surfaces) and ice cold hands.....so its not just me being weird then! Backs of my hands seem to regularly freeze and tingle and yes boy oh boy do gloves seem tempting despite the sunshine. ... can i look vaguely trendy wearing fingerless muffs ovrr my hands? Feel old before my time...lol.

    Sod you Fibromyalgia....i want a proper life back!

  • So many people with numb and burning feet Well so I thought Ginger that I found that wearing flip flops helps with the pian in my feet , So you found some cute shoes , buy them go out have a laugh and giggle get pead , crack some jokes have fun , go home throw the shoes Take you pills get some sleep

  • Hi

    Im 46 & know where your coming from ... Ive bought 6 pairs of shoes in last month thought they were ok ( hotters, hush puppies & Clarke ) All ugly & look like my nans lol well my aunts who's 81 asked me what the hell I was wearing lol

    I found that I can only wear wedges where my full foot is supported ... Also in sports direct they do a gel insoles for runners. I find them fantastic

    Sha x

  • Try wearing flip flops it takes the pian away it works for me

  • My lovelys I just found this thread and my empathy levels are so high. My feet make e cry and I know why they are full of lymphoma and really swollen puffy blocks that I TOTTER ON IN THE MOST REVOLTING THINGS THAT THEY CALL SHOES. Now my toes are going bright red add to soreness and frustration.

    IT REALLY IS A "B----------" but at the end of it all freeze sprays horrid shoes shoe eny because I love because I is in love with high beautiful blue shoes called the "Parakeet" oh they are so yummy I would keep them as art !

    Love and empathy to you all

    Shoe less in the borders Ginsing

  • Hi oh yesyes fibro makes your feet burn bad and I went to the theatre last week and had to walk home barefoot could not stand my shoes on and ankles so swollen terrible when you feel like carrying a bucket of ice around with you for ease👣👺

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