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Fibromyalgia tribunal


I have had fibromyalgia for about three years. I have just had a tribunal and didn't get anything. I struggle to explain things and suffer with memory problems is there any help available

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contacting CAB or other local support org is a great step as they may (not always possible) be able to provide in person support. However, we Have a couple of people that have benefits experience and fibro experience/ More info here:

Hearts786 in reply to desquinn

Thank you

Hi, you can ask for a Statement of Reasons (SOR), & the Record of Proceedings (ROP) within 28 days of receiving the tribunal's decision. You would then need to find someone with a legal understanding of benefit's law. An 'error in law' needs to be found in order to appeal the tribunal's decision. Whilst an 'error in law' can often be found, it doesn't necessarily change an Upper Tribunal's decision in your favour.

Do ask for the SOR & ROP, then, if you decide to start a fresh PIP claim, this may show where there are any gaps in your evidence. Doing another PIP claim with the same evidence may give a similar experience, so do get local advice to help (See: as well as use the resources mentioned on this website.

Hearts786 in reply to CM1EDSUK

Thank you someone told me about advocacy does anyone know what this means.

CM1EDSUK in reply to Hearts786

Sorry for the late reply. An advocate is someone who can speak on your behalf. Please see the NHS website about this:

I know of someone who used VoiceAbility, but this isn't in all areas.

As advised above, Citizens Advice can offer support with form filling if you decide to make a new PIP claim. A Welfare Rights Office would also be helpful. The advice local link will show what's available near you. See:


Sorry you didn’t win. Definitely see if you can speak to someone to take it further.

Out of curiosity, how long did you wait for your hearing?

Thank you xx

I waited about 8 months because of coronavirus. I dont think it is about winning or losing. It is about the procedure used to make people like us feel like a lier.

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