Tribunal Tomorrow

Well the last couple of weeks or however long it has been since I last posted have been horrendous. I have been sleeping SO much, and just generally feeling shit, so much pain, just urgh urgh urgh. I am so down its unbelieveable. But we signed the contract for the house which was a nice feeling :):) Had an exam, and it went well which cheered me up a bit.

But it all keeps coming back to the fact that I have to sit there tomorrow and justify why I deserve financial help due to my fibromyalgia. All I feel is nervous, sicky, sad, I just think they are gonna tell me there is nothing wrong with me and my world will just collapse I think... I need a blue badge urgently, I can't even walk across a carpark anymore let alone around a shop so even if I just need to pick up a pint of milk its near impossible somedays :(

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  • CX, good luck at your tribunal tomorrow, hun. As you're feeling so shite, tell them that. Don't talk it down - lay it on the table. I know how you feel about a blue badge cos I'm the same when I can't put off an errand any longer. I only live 5 mins walk from the shops, but this week there's no way I could have gone up there.

    Try and get some rest tonight. Break down the challenges into portions. Are you taking anybody with you?

  • I am taking my mum and my boyfriend. Me and my mum are spending tomorrow morning going through my papers..

  • By the way, congratulations on your exchange of contracts. are you moving nearby? I moved last year. Never again!

  • Yeh um I'm moving out of the house I share with my boyfriend and moving in with some friends from uni..

  • good luck with that too x

    what are you studying?

  • Chemistry

  • Thanks Chris I will print this in the morning.I hope my mum will help keep me calm lol

  • Congratulations and good luck!

    I hope you have a barrel load of supporting evidence - letters from professionals, even from friends and neighbours who have witnessed your difficulties. Its been a year for me - I can't believe it, a year since I last walked to the shops! I now use a mobility scooter although my back doesn't like that now! Its the awful pavements.

    Lay it on thick sweetheart. Remember your worst days - try - and tell them what its like, walking half way to somewhere and then finding you cannot continue and you cannot turn back! Tell them what its like walking around a shop you used to love, and finding you can only go so far. Tell them you have to measure how far you can go before you have to sit down! Tell them, if you get dropped off because you cannot walk the distance from a parking space, that by the time the car is parked and the driver has reached you, you are ready to go home, sit down, collapse. See, I know where you are coming from.

    I wish you all the best and if you do lose, fight! You have to. Its hard and not fair but you cannot give up because you have to have it. Sometimes I think people put others through this to make sure they mean it. You mean it. You need it. You go get it!

    Good luck and soft hugs

  • I've included lots of letters but none really say about care or mobility. however I included a statement from my mum, me, boyfriend and three friends as supporting evidence for my appeal.

  • Will be thinking of you tomorrow. you have had plenty of good sound advice here today just like to wish you luck . (((((hugs))))) xxx

  • Thanks x x x

  • Hi hun,

    good luck for tomorrow, i hope you pick up soon hun.

    I cant walk to my shops neither, its up a long stretched out hill from house, so if i run out of anything i have to wait until my partner gets in.

    Its hard living our lives so tell that as much as you can.

    thinking of you and let us know how it goes.

    kel xxx

  • So hard.... My boyfriend said I manage to survive everyday in this much day the tribunal is nothing compares to that...

  • Sending all the positive vibes I can for tomoz and just a little heads up.

    You can get your blue badge WITHOUT RECIEVING DLA, so apply for that however it goes. I dont get dla but I got my badge a couple of weeks ago and its made such a difference.

    Crossing everything for you. xx

  • Thanks. iknow but I if I'd get it..

  • good luck and come on now positve thinking needed, bless ya jus be yourself, tellthe truth and how your life is affectrd and hopefully you will be successful let us all know later and apply for that blue badge , i got mine in 5 days i got it last sat and already it has been lifesaver love to you diddle x

  • Thanks diddle :) x x x x

  • thanks x x x x

  • I feel your pain, when I went for a tribunal, i told them that I felt like my life had been taken away from me, my mum , who was with me said that they seemed to change their attitude towards me for the better, and I won my appeal. Just be yourself and tell don't hold back the tears if you feel like crying, it shows how much having this condition has affected you. Good luck. X

  • Good luck! Will be thinking of you. Soft hugs xxx


    I will be around for a little while if you want to inbox me - I had my tribunal last month and will try and help if I can xx

  • im so stressed being fighting DLA for over nealy two years for my illness ,an i being knocked bk again,i dont know wot or who to talk to now,noone seems to help me in my needs ,but i am still gona fight it as i genrally need it cant shop,cook meals an aswell as other things thanks an good luck .

  • good luck. you are ill and due need help.

    lots of postive thoughts and gentle hugs mandy

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