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Does anyone get leg ulcers and lumps over the bottom of their legs?

I have been told its caused by excess water staying in my leg and literally forming lumps. When the legs get damaged, by washing/bathing, I have such sensitive skin, it causes water to run down my legs. I have to tie towels/tea towels around my ankles to hold the water, (I must look SOO sexy hahaha) At the moment I have a large ulcer about 2 inches long, which repeatedly opens up. This is six, yes, six years old now, dressings cost me a fortune, we paid over £30 for dressings that least me a couple of weeks.

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Hi Sue...Your practice nurse would always dress your legs for you. Have you been to see her? There are so many dressings on the market now and a professional would know which one would be best for you to aid healing. Alternatively you could be referred to your hospital's Leg Ulcer clinic. That extreme cost of the buying the dressings would be eliminated for you and your only cost would be getting to and from your surgery or hospital. Good luck and hope this helps.


Sue, I would really push for referrals, at least to get help with managing this, if not to get help with sorting this entirely. This is not a common symptom amongst people with Fibro. Water retention to this extent should be thoroughly investigated.


I was on water tablets but due to kidney failure, I was taken off anything that would have an adverse effect on my kidneys. Doctor said to put feet up as often as I can, which I try to do. I am house bound so do not actually walk that far.

I think to be honest, that I do not push enough, I explained in a previous question that I do not have any faith in the NHS, especially after working for them. This particular ulcer has been breaking through for many years, now as water/gumph comes out it feels like its acid, I literally cry with pain. I will though ask GP to ask Nurse to call around, thanks


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