Does anyone have jerking movements in their arms and legs??

I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem, i can be watching the telly and my leg or foot wil just move on its own. It reminds me of when you have a reflex test at the Docs and he lightly taps a certain point and your leg flips up. It hurts sometimes as it affects my joints and muscles (I have ostoartritis aswell as Fm). I went for an Mri Scan recently on my Brain and the lumba part of my back and i was jerking even in the tunnel while having the scan!!! Would this show up in my results at all??? At one time while i was having the brain scan my whole body jerked. Im not sure whet causes it you see, can anybody relate??? Brightest Blessings Willow xxxx

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  • Hello Willowmuse, I sympathise with you, this must be really frustrating. I get twitches, tingles etc., my arms and legs don't actually jerk, but the feelings I get are very intense sometimes. It's good that you are being checked out, having scans etc., as I am sure you've mentioned the jerking movements to the medical professionals you have seen at the hospital. It's difficult to say what is causing these jerking movements, but the scan etc will perhaps highlight why this happens or certainly rule out other conditions etc. I hope you get an answer soon, please let us know how you get on as this information could help others having the same symptoms. Many thanks and take care. :) :)

  • Thanks LibbyDe, Yes I did mention it to them, Hoping the scan picked something up but am getting so used to test results comming back as normal or all clear that i'm not holding out much hope to be honest. Guess its just a case of more tablets or a different combination all together for me, I have noticed that a few are on two types of meds that i have had at the same time but i have only tried them on their own, so we will see, what Dr Patel says, just waiting for the appointment now and I will let everyone know if they find out the cause, I know that everybit of info we find out helps in some way :) Blessings Willow x

  • It could be Tourette’s, I’m fairly certain that it wouldn’t show up on many tests, if any. If it’s tourettes you probably won’t get these twitches while you’re really focused , (IE: playing a video game or sports). I am no expert but it’s worth asking your doctor.

  • yep i get jerks n twitching all the time mostly in my legs but sometimes my whole will jerk it can b embarresing sometimes depending on were ur .xxxx

  • I know, have kicked out at the dinner table xx

  • ive jerking movements in my legs for years and its called restless leg syndrom, now i know its partof fybromyalgia, which i take tablets for .

  • I have never been offered tablets for the restless leg syndrom Paula, i thought it was a totally different thing to be honest, my Dr and consultant are aware of it. All i have been given pills for is the pain side of things at the moment. Thats why in a way, i am hoping that when it happened whilst having the scan, something was picked up, but as i said above, i am so used to results comming back normal or all clear, i am doubtful the scan will show anything. For my joint replacement it took an Arthoscopy to find the problem with my base thumb joint as it didnt show on the xray or MRI, but whe they went in with the camera the joint was very worn and thats whe they diagnosed the artritis. I guess I'm just one of those awkward Blessings Willow

  • yes i get all of the above but have found that taking a calcium/magnesium tablet really makes a difference! people notice when i have not taken them due to lack of money! it also helps with the cramps.

    give it a go , try anything is my motto!

  • Yes, my poor husband (and the cat often) get kicked or hit by me twitching in in bed, he also said that I my legs move like i'm running or riding a bike. Think that is one of the reasons we don't feel refeshed after sleep! Will try the calcium/magnesium tablets, thanks rafiki. X

  • MM Willow, I too have 'twitch'and'glitch', it can be quite a pain, I frequently spill my drinks, I feel like a walking disaster area a lot of the time!

    I've been taking liquid magnesium, suggested by a herbalist I see. I can't say it's really helped as it's a bit soon, has helped my IBS constipation though. I take citrlopram as prescribed by my GP, I take it in the morning and find it does help a bit, I don't get the excrutiating sudden cramp as much.

    I find that exercsing and standing for long cause my leg muscles to 'dance' more than normal, and I'm always cautious in any stretching or pointing of my feet, as that is guaranteed to set spasms off. The jerks cause problems in my hands with things like key pads, entering a pin can be a nightmare!

    I try to see the funny side of things but it doesn't always work and some cashiers think I'm completely nuts!

    Ho hum.


  • MM Polly,

    I was on citrlopram last year, when i saw the new Dr at my surgery, this is be for I got worse, but when I saw my old Dr she took me off them when she changed my meds. Yea I try to see the funny side too but then sometimes break down as I cant believe its come to this. I miss the days when i could do anything, walk for hours, work and solcialise with friends, they never really stuck around when i got worse. You certainly find out who your true friends are at times like this :( I find if i stand in one place too long my legs start to dance as you put it, my partner lightly rubs the muscles that have gone into spasm, but when im on my own it does scare me as i have lost my balance on occasion.

    I guess its just another one of the many things we have to put up with, but I'm glad in away i am not alone in this and not going mad....yet


  • So sorry I called you polly, when its pottydog, dont know why I did x

  • Hi Willow, also get twitches, but mostly restless legs at night for which doc prescribed Robaxin a muscle relaxant, really helped me thankfully. is a real nuisance, just feels as if i'm like an old (well not that old lol) clockwork toy being wound up and then whoosh ...let go and off i go... jump. Just checked restless leg syndrome on internet...and there it of the underlying causes..our dear back stabbing, or in our case twitching and jumping friend fibro, damn thing gets everywhere.

    Take care

    Jan H xx

  • Think I'm going to ask my Doctor about this Robaxin and see what she says at my next appointment. She can only say no cant she, not to sure wether i can take it with the meds i am currently on and im due to start fenadryl (spelling) Patches in two weeks when im weened off the zomorph i am currently taking. But I will see what she says anyway :) xx

  • hi willow,

    well yes you can always ask, you never know. you've got nothing to lose. Don't let the doc just dismiss it, if it's so bothersome and they can give you something, well ... all to the good.

    It really did help me, someone also said about magnsium, will try anything if it helps.

    Good luck and keep us posted

    Take care

    Jan xx

  • Hi willow i was given clamazapram for my restless legs and they are really good ask your doc x

  • Thanks for all the replies and advice, really appreciate it all :) Blessings Willow

  • Yes I get jerks and twitches mostly at night. Sometimes whole body jerks and it's quite a fright. Got restless let too but learning to live with it and not get too emabrrassed by it. Dont want to keep adding more meds to treat more symptoms.

  • Hello willow muse, gentle hugs,

    I have Restless Legs Syndrome and shaking hands - the latter causing spilled cuppas and dropped meals, etc., A month ago I was put on a drug used for Parkinson's Disease that is also used to treat R.L.S. and time will tell if they work - The first month was a "starter" pack that began with lose dosages working up to higher dosages to see which dosage will work best.

    Mr Fibro sure has his grubby little fingers in a lot of pies doesn't he hmmm?


    Carol xx

  • He most certainly does cadee, I cant keep up with it all, trouble is what scares me is you go to the doctor with a problem and they put it straight down to fibro, its happened twice to me now, once when i had surgery to replace a joint in my hand, i was still in alot of pain afterwards and knew something was not right but the surgeon refered me to a rhummy and when i was diagnosed with fibro he put it down to that, came back to my home town had a fall and another surgeon looked at my hand and found there was a problem and it is healing alot better than before, second time was chest pains, this turned out to be a chest infection that had got so bad i developed pnemonia and was in hospital for two weeks, wish they wouldnt put everything down to fibro, its dangerous!!

    take care hun


  • Hey Willowmuse, gentle hugs.

    So sorry I've not replied before now - I've been In so much pain and unwell that my head was unable to formulate anything be it for writing, thinking and talking. So I've just kept "busy" redecorating my smallest bedroom for when my year old Grandson stays with me and just resting a lot by taking long naps in Zzzzland!

    My doctors - well some of them - rarely acknowledge the Fibro - the ones who are aware are keen to give me whatever drugs they know to prescribe for the condition but are not that genned up on it sadly.

    But I do agree how dangerous it can be when they put everything down to Fibro if you have it - as it saves them showing how bad they are as modern GP's!

    I'm sorry you had such a rough time.


    Carol xx

  • Do you see a Rheumatologist for your RLS Cadee, I just wondered as I have RLS too and my Rheumy isn't treating me for it. I think I've got to the stage where I need something now to ease the pain with them. What meds do you take for it if you don't mind me asking? Thanks Cadee :)

  • Hey LibertyZ, gentle hugs.

    My apologies to you too, for being so behind with my reply! I don't mind the questions at all. I don't see a Rheumy for the RLS - I only ever saw him when he diagnosed Mr Fibro. My GP prescribed me 2 mg Ropinerole to be taken at night to help it and it's only helped truly as long as I also take 2 Co-codamol 30/500mg and Pregabalin (Lyrica) 50mg with it to help the pain.

    I hope this helps?


    Carol xx

  • Yes I get these jerking movements in my hands/fingers!! It does make itsupere hard to type :-) I am worried that it could be either the fibromyalgia or.....a sideffect of all the opiaites I take. I hope not because I function get with little pain now. I have been on the current dose for acouple of years. Do you take pain med. Such as opiates?

  • I suffer from the same afflictions. Trust me when I say it could be a MAGNESIUM deficiency. Take 3 tablets a day of MAGNESIUM or eat foods with high, you know MAGNESIUM. I hope this helps. It works for me every time.

  • Yes, I'm 62 years old female retired Banker. These twitchings started about 2 years. I also have fibromyalgia, gout, osteoarthritis, herniated discs in my spinal cord injuries after a 31 year severely abusive relationship. He must have been punished by God because he was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer right off the bat and died within 5 months.

    Also had a hysterectomy 25 years ago and hot flashes got progressively worse. The twitchings continue and are not dying down by any means. Oh yes also the profuse sweating that goes on all day 24/7.


  • My legs have just started to do it. They feel really weird when it happens as I can feel it going done my legs then they jerk. Only happens when I am relaxed. The rest of my body shakes. Will the leg jerking get worse till every one will see it. I am on no meds as they made me so sick so stopped taking them. I was pretty good with out them but now gotten worse. The doctors I have had where useless in Australia. I am all so confused as my doctor said I had it sent me to a movement clinic. They said I had it. I was with them for about 3 yrs.Then not able to get there as no car. I started to get worse so my doctor sent me to see some one he took one look and said all I had was normal shakes and said good bye. Never gave me a chance to say any thing. He did no tests. I have a lot of things that go with it so don't think it's normal shakes.

  • Hi Melissa59, I have suffered many years with Restless legs syndrome and jumpy legs. I find cutting out caffeine and eating magnesium rich foods does help to calm it down. Worth trying and see if it helps. Good luck 🙂

  • Thanks I will try what you suggested..

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