Vitamin D

I came across this article today, talking about why Vit d deficiency is so widespread. It's not just us fibro mites, but this has been a bad year weather-wise, and maybe we should all be upping our doses!

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  • I was looking at that but it was in a magazine, and when you go on line it gets a bit confusing on what dosage is the right amount, as at the moment I am taking a combined pill with calcium and vit D and dont know if it enough.

  • Guys do get a blood test done before trying to up you D you can eat more greens and veg but test before pills :) xgins

  • I agree with Gins.. I have been ill with Fibro and M.E since I was twelve years one time I was taking 20 plus supplements a day in the 1980s.... years later I keep a varied diet and try try try not to eat the nasties... white bread .. cakes ...alcohol.. I also have stopped taking various pain killers due to serious side effects... we are all different.. have varying degrees of pain and limited mobility.. for myself a good diet is the key with plenty of veg .. fruit and protein to keep my muscles strong..... the medical field does not always look at the benefits of diet and nutricient..please take care and read the facts re vit d and other supplements.. they arent always the answer...sending you all a soft Welsh hug..

  • Good morning everyone,

    I also say check 1st before doing anything. Which am sure you would as you be suprised how we all are different.

    Taking vitamins can have side affects and may not go with what you take.

    Just because somethings sell on supermarket shelf etc does not always mean its ok .

    I have had side affects with all meds i am on and used simple creams for the back and neck pain and had to scrub off quickly, it instantly soaks to skin and burnt up itching all inflamed worse.

    The Dr was not open so thought it be ok as its 'only' a cream.

    Also likes of indigestion etc if u take omeprazole or lansoperazole taking other meds off the shelf like reniie, motilium, (just example)

    Just check with a pharmacist who will have your details on screen or will be able to tell you.

    I have all my OTC certificates although i have not wrked in pharmacy for a long time.

    All these products sold on shelf thats fine if you do not take anything or asthmatic have allergies, have blood pressure, heart etc .

    Well its up off i go for another day take care allll xxxxxx

  • I do think sometimes it is just desperation that makes us run for the meds and the suppliments. I can honestly say hand on heart that having reduced my meds has been the best thing for me. May no work for everyone but eating healthily and taking nothing that actually effects the signals to the brain have given me my life back. Pain I have in spades but I have come to the conclusion that pain is not the worst thing about living with fibro.

    My life will never be the same as pre fibro but I can have a life so long as I rest when I need to and listen to my body and not grab at anything I hear of to "cure" it. Be well and have a good fibro day all. xx

  • i agree everyone is different,i'll be quite honest i think all of us have either had nutritional food as a kid growing up, or sadly in alot of cases haven't had the right foods.I don't mean to be nasty but i come from a fairly large family and we always had proper cooked meals.We would have school dinners,then come home and have a proper cooked tea.I have had all of the correct vitamins,we are all healthy and strong,"hmm"sos forgot for a split second only, my FIBRO,the scurge of my life,i'm not boasting but some of that i believe to be true.Think today of years to come once babies are off milk they don't get proper food the mothers are young and either don't know any different or couldn't careless anyway,it has already been said theirs a rise in rickets,it's frightning really.We must not become like America and pop pills for the slightest thing ,the less you can take the better.Pain free at the moment Jacksiex

  • I agree that a healthy, balanced, varied diet is important. However, most of the food that is sold in supermarkets has been mass produced, and stored in ways that can reduce the nutritional value. When plants or animals are grown for maximum size in minimum time, that affects the nutritional value. When they are dosed with a variety of chemicals, that reduces the nutritional value. In addition, many people with a variety of illnesses are less able to absorb and use the nutrients in food, particularly if on certain types of medication. So it is quite possible to eat what appears to be a healthy balanced diet and still have insufficient of certain vitamins and minerals.

    It is always a good idea to talk to your GP about any supplements, as well as medication, even over the counter stuff. But also remember that your GP is not a specialist in nutrition, any more than in rheumatology or neurology or any other branch of medicine. It is worth knowing what some of the likely problems are, so when you have that conversation you have some existing knowledge.

  • I made a post about this ages ago. Dr Chris Steele was on the This Morning program a good 3/4 weeks ago talking about this.

    Vitamin D comes from sunlight hitting the back of the eye where the body registers it and start producing the vitamin within our bodies. Whilst there is Vitamin D in certain foods it's not enough to sustain our bodies need. Without Vitamin D we can't store Vitamin C which has an impact on our bones.

    He recommended we all take a Vitamin D suppliment after a summer with no sun. I've been taking it since I saw the programme and I feel more energised.

    I'm just repeating what I heard - not what he said in exact words obviously but if taking a Vit D suppliment concerns anyone then have a chat with the G.P :)

  • Glad I'm not the only one who thinks this is potentially important / interesting information. I was beginning to think I shouldn't have bothered!

  • no, you were right to bother posting! It's easy enough to check the symptoms - there's probably something on the This Morning website seen as they did a thing about it with all the symptoms of Vit D defitency.

  • Hello everyone well I'm sure the government will come up with saying something along the lines of never mind if your lacking in vitamins from the bad weather were sure there are plenty of vitamins in the flood waters that are swimming through people's houses

  • Lol! With the omega 3 fish oil from the fish swimming in the flood- how healthy! x

  • You may find this link useful Vitamin D Council

  • My vit D levels were fine at the last check so I do not take anything. It is always wise to check the levels before filling up on vits xxxxx

  • Please have bloods taken first before taking supps I was foolish enough to take supps without checking first .. Cut a long story short .. My left parathyriod was blocked with calcuim and my vit d levels 12. I had to have parathyroid removed my vit d levels are now 41 without any supps passing my lips and as we know no sunshine ...

  • I was given Vit D and calcium tablets from my Doctor as I have osteoporosis, they are chewy tablets which I take twice a day, I would'nt take supplements yourself as maybe you don't need them.

  • Everyone with Fibro should have their vit D levels checked as part of diagnosis and then with any flare or period of uncontrolled symptoms. This is because the symptoms are similar to those of Fibro, so Fibro can mask them or they can be mistaken for Fibro or a Fibro flare.

    You can only get vit D from a few dietary sources (oily fish and eggs, for example). Not from eating lots of fruit and veg. And you can only get enough from the sun if you're outside without clothing or sunscreen protecting your skin from April-October. So sub-optimal levels of vit D are quite common now we all try to avoid sunburn and tend to be inside a lot more,

  • Hi, I saw the programme on tv and read some advice also and I had a blood test and was started on a booster dose for one week from the hospital and now have had a prescription for Adcal-D3 1500 for 3 months. I have found it very helpful.

    I have always tried 20 minutes in the sun without screen or cover up when weather is right but obviously it was not enough even with eating eggs, oily fish and lots of veg and fruit. I w would always suggest a test first. Good luck with it.

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