Sorry to be so quiet

Have had an awful week or so, pains been pretty bad, agoraphobia`s creeping up on me again, feel like I`ve taken ten steps backward, tried to post a few times but was far too emotional and couldnt concentrate so wasnt making much sense.I managed 1 reply and fell asleep over the computer, sending said reply into oblivion, had already taken me over an hour n just didnt have the energy to do it again. I have read through some of your posts, and will try to be here more often and to be supportive too. Please bear with me as am not coping too well at the moment. love n hugs for you all xxx

4 Replies

  • sending you love and hugs clare xx sounds like you need them xx

  • Hope your feeling better soon x

  • so sorry to hear u feel so bad at the mo love, concentrate on yourself and plan what u will do as soon as u feel more human, im up for a night on the razzle lol xxxxx be kind to yourself and thinking of u xxxxx

  • I feel a bit that way , so ive come on to get the support, it does help , hope we heelp you Clare, Hugs, We need some nice warm weather to cheer us up x

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