knackered but not sorry

Hi had holiday in Portugal last week and still very sore and so tired. Doc thought it too much for me but glad I went. Fibro and ME has taken over so many aspects of my life its about all I got left. Needless to say got assistance for flight and my friend did the driving as cannot walk too much. Still had headaches and bad tummy but heat did help my muscles and joints. Also pace of life so much slower and great to get all done for you. Been in bed two days when I got home but gradually coming round. Had brain scan before I left but have to wait for report Fingers crossed no more nasty surprises


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  • So pleased you enjoyed your holiday and obviously that you have a good outcome from your recent scan, the waiting can take it's toll. xxx

  • Hello! I've just got back from a week in Spain!!....and like you, don't regret one moment of it...:-D :-D :-D Its the second year I've been to a beautiful family villa with my son,his wife and 3 of my grand babies! Airport assistance and slow pacing while over there in the heat made me feel awesome!! I WILL NOT GIVE IN!! Good luck with the scan...let us know how it goes!....much♥♥♥

  • thanks for encouragement


  • Glad you enjoyed your holiday. I'm hoping to get away at some point, but have big wedding and hen party before I can.. Know the warmth of the sun can do us good, even if it does cost a couple of days in bed when we get home. 😄😄

  • I am delighted to read that you went on holiday and I genuinely hope that you feel better soon.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • thanks

  • Live now pay latter long time dead.

    Good on you. Sometimes you just have to go for it. Hope that you created good memories and lots of snaps to keep you warm on bad days.

  • did enjoy the heat bloody freezing here

  • Glad you enjoyed your holiday let us know how the brain scan goes.x

  • thanks will do

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