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So tired it’s horrible


Hi everyone been ages since on here, hope you are all doing best you can

I have had the most worse 3 weeks since been diagnosed with this crippling disease.

Looking for some tips and help for over sleeping my fatigue has gone to another level.. I’ve slept like for 3-4 days solid on and of for 3 weeks, with extra night sweats body temperature change. up for meds, loo, something to eat.

Even my pain hasn’t worken me up witch is rare.

Had bloods tests, all blood test under sun, ion level fine witch I thought would be the prob, the only thing was a little vitamin D deficiency.

Please any help or ideas to manage this.

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Oh, I wonder if you are having a flare-up? Flare-ups are sadly part of FM and they can make us feel much worse.

I hope it's ok to post this, it's about flare-ups.

sparkleblue in reply to WF2k

Thank you for I’ll read when I can actually have energy .

Take care


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Did you have your vitamin B tested. I'm vitamin B12 deficient so I have injections every 3 months. Maybe this is what you need, as vitamin B12 deficiency makes you tired. Speak to your gp. Good luck.



I agree with Golfer- ask about B12 injections they do give you some energy, what do you take for your fibro pain? ever tried hydrotherapy?


Sending a hug as you sound like you need one, I’m wondering are you in a flare, I did have a nasty one last year that lasted 2/3 months last year after a bout of flu, I had to ride with it until I could gradually do things and built up slowly. I did sleep an awful lot , kept a lot of fluids going and warm baths, if you feel like your not moving forward perhaps ask your surgery for your doctor to give you a call back they normally book a slot for you and get some advice, take care xx

Hi everyone thank you so much for this , it even helps to know you not alone and people do care by giving good advice.

I haven’t even thought of B12 I will mention on next appointment,

There is no funding for hydrotherapy I’ve done this in past , although it was very hard work and knocks you for 6, I felt quite a bit relaxed later in the day with muscles and not so tired.

I think I will buy some good B12 vitamins till I see what the doc says as won’t do any harm.

Thank you everyone most appreciate this ,

hard to even think putting this in writing.

Flare yes actually could be.. I’ve had fibro for 6 years now so maybe I need to read more up on and refresh myself on it.

Till next time 🙂

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