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Chest pain

I sometimes have a pain in the chest, right in the middle type when swallowed a large piece of food seems to me are tearing and the pain goes down the throat and ears, when this pain came my doctor gave me an examination of the heart and said it was okay, that pain must be caused by fibromyalgia, but when I feel this pain I´m always afraid that could be something from my heart, please let me know if some of you have ever had some kind of pain.

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i too suffer with this type of pain and it stops me in my tracks and makes me very breathless , i also saw my gp and he told me it was fm so now i feel my pulse when it happens in my wrist and if it feels regular { which it always has } i take some very deep breaths and just stay calm and wait for it to pass . It can be very scarey especially if it wakes me during the night


I woke up during the night with a pain in the center of my chest- a little to the right side. Prior, I couldn't sleep&had a 'loud' heartbeat. How can you tell when it is something you should be concerned about or when it is something else?


i also suffer chest pain, i wonderd if it was chostochondritis coming back as i had this condition in sept 2010. It has similar feelings of heart problem.. it is the ligaments connected to your breast bone or ribs being inflamed is what i was told....alas it is what kick started my FMS..CFS..& Me. It feels tender to touch and made me unable to do very much as rest was the only way to help it.

I had to sleep on my back and should i turn onto my side i woke up with the tightness and pain, it is very delibitating.

Hope this is of help.. it could be another symptom of fms best to ask yor doctor for peace of mind or look it up on line, that may also help, take care hope you feel better soon.


yes me to it frighting has my dad had heart attack doc said it is where, i can feel like i am and stay calm ,easy pain like that when we have it all over is behond me x

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I get chest pain too and actually called 999 last week as thought I was having a heartattack, the pain was worse than ususal, very sharp through the middle of chest through to my back and round my left side. My heart was fine so at least I know im not having a hearattack if it happens again. Very scarey though. xx


me always convinced i'm going to have a heart's so scary. Doc says it's anxiety. One time i got up in the night and drove myself to a & e as i was so scared something bad was wrong. I know nothing is wrong with my heart but none the less, it frightens me every time.


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