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Recording PIP Medical


My medical was on a Monday afternoon. On the preceding Thursday I phoned to advise them that I would be recording the assessment. Then came the task of trying to find 2 recorders. Easier said than done. Eventually, tracked down 2 casette recorders & a pack of cassettes in Tesco. The recordings could barely be heard on playback; plus the tapes ran out less than half way through the medical. However, when seated & I reminded my husband to set up the tapes, my assessor said she has no record that I would be recording & wasn't happy to allow it. My work training instilled in me the importance of taking names so I was able to quote a name, date & time. She called the receptionist in who showed her the paperwork depicting notice applied for. But, whilst we were waiting I mentioned that I was told I could sit next to her to see what was being reported/typed if I wanted, but she stressed that I couldn't. However, according to the booklet sent with the appointment letter, it does stipulated in it that this is allowed. Please bear this in mind if you do want to record or see what is being said. Surely, under the Freedom of Information Act we are covered for this. Stick to your guns people. Our responses should be recorded correctly, but we know to our own decrement that they aren't always. I don't hold much hope, because it was obvious that only half of my medical was taped, and if they listen to the recording handed in, the quality is so poor that interpretation could go either way. Good luck to anyone out there with your medical looming. Perhaps we should all insist we sit next to & see exactly what they are typing in at the time. Then we can insist they correct anything they are reporting if it doesn't tie in with what we said. But, & a big but....tell the centre at least 3 days beforehand that this is your intention. And record the name, date & time you made the call; perhaps phoning again on the day & stipulating that this is your intention & asking them to make sure your assessor knows. This way, hopefully, you won't be refused and it will go someway to get the system changed. We can only hope.

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Really good points. I recorded mine but even though we practiced before hand it wasn't very clear picking up my husband's voice quite clearly but half of what I and the lady assessor said was indicipherable. Also my assessment lasted longer than I had expected so what I felt was the important bit about the physical exam wasn't recorded as we ran out of tape so take far more than. you expect to use.

I made sure they knew that I wished to record as I put it in capitals on the back page of the form and also as soon as I knew the date etc I rang to inform them and as you say took note of who I spoke to, time etc. As soon as we were booked into reception they confirmed that I still wished to record but they still confirmed with the assessor it was okay. I have to say for once I was assessed by someone who was fair and she said she had no problem and I received exactly the same award as I was on with DLA.

I must admit I don't like the idea they are talking about of actually videoing PIP assessments (I hope they don't decide to do that) as the thought of being visually recorded would send many into a panic. I am quite content with sound recording but I can't see why they can't provide specialist equipment like they do for ESA.x

GillieGG in reply to rosewine

Thank you for your response. Sounds like you did alright in your medical. Hope I can do the same. Take care and good luck with life.


Why did you feel the need to record your assessment hun??if your hubby or someone was with you is that not enough,,have you had some bad vibes??

GillieGG in reply to Hidden

Thanks for responding. Bad vibes...yes. Everyone I know who has had a PIP medical this year has had the mobility component downgraded or stopped altogether. My fear is that my mind went blank during the interview especially when the important mobility questions came around. Although, with Fibro, Diverticular Disease and Arthritis are life long and will not improve, I still don't hold out much hope.

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