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Pip assessment recording


Ive been worrying about my PIP assessment and wondering what recording equpment to use, since they need a copy straight after the interview. Ive looked at phone apps, Ive looked at dual cd recorders ( mega bucks! ) then I read on line that some old clever clogs bought two identical audio tape recorders and used them both at the same time 🙄 Perfectly acceptable apparently, just check in advance that there are two spare plug holes available. Brilliant and no complicated equipment either !

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The last one sounds good if not to pricey!! Just a thought if you have smart phone you can record on there and see if they will record it back while your still there for their records and if you have phone, no charge. Good luck.Peck PS check how long you can record!!🐤

I bought 2 mini cheap dictaphone's off of ebay for £8 each to use, unfortunately I left it too late to tell them so they didn't get used! Still a cheap way of doing it though! (Didn't realise just how tiny they are made now either, so cute!) 😮

Hi this may be a dumb question but may I ask why do you have to tape your assessment. And who you need to email it too. Does everyone need to do a recording ? I hope you dont mind me asking as I have not yet been assessed by pip. Thank you.


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Hi dizzytwo,

You don't have to recotd it but experience has taught many of us that it is necessary as they often get information wrong in their report. I wouldn't like to say the deliberately lied of course, (ahem..) but they do seem to make a lot of errors. If you have proof of what was said then you are more likely to be treated fairly. It's sad that we have too but that seems to be the state of affairs. To go through an appeal to challenge a decision is exhausting and stressful, so at least with this you have evidence. :-)

Hello #LtAngua52 - just reading all the posts on PIP and just wish I knew BEFORE my interview....also to copy the form when its completed as they go by what is said on that too.....so now appealing - needless to say I was refused!

Best of luck to everyone applying for PIP..

Flossie20 x

I copied mine too and sent it signed for so they couldn't say they didn't receive it!

Hi Dizzy two,

I just dont want to leave anything to chance, call me sceptical but I have read so mant scare stories that I think its best to have a record.

Thank you for your reply I found it very helpful and informative. It maybe the way for me to go when my turn comes to sit infront of the firing squaf.

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Yes, of course :) ... and you're not being a nuisance at all.

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