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Recording of ESA assessments

It is possible to have your medical assessment with ATOS recorded but you have to contact them to arrange this. This is from the ATOS ESA Hand book section 4

"The DWP never requires that a medical assessment for advising on entitlement to

state sickness or disability benefits be recorded.

A claimant may request that their assessment is audio recorded. Dual CD recording

machines are available to provide audio recordings. For any requests made by

claimants for their assessment to be audio recorded, the resource team at the MSC

will be responsible for arranging for the audio recording equipment to be sent to the

appropriate MEC for the assessment. At the present time, Audio recording of

assessments can only take place at a MEC. Further information can be obtained from

your local MSC."

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i sent a letter of complaint to ATOS and received an apology and my incapacity benefit was reinstated, the girl doing the medical also apologised but the stress this caused me was unbelievable so next time im sent for one i will ensure that everything is noted


This is intresting to know, as when I get the energy I am going to asked to be re assesd , as I missed the deadline for my appeal, in July, The stress is making me ill, so taking time to asked to be reassesd, My depression is worse, and the viscious circle is in motion, of pain, fatigue and depression. When I do ask for reassesment, I am going to record it lots of things where not noted in my report......sorry am rambeling, my head is a mess .


Don't leave it too long they only give you so long to ask them to look at it again, I will try and find out how long it is and let you know tomorrow.

Take care God bless



OMG this ESA is doing my nut !! I got 6 points when i attended the assessment.

I have Fibro, OsteoArthritis in my toes, knees, hips ( i've had both hips replaced right one in dec 2009 then left one 6 months latest june 2010, and cervical spondylosis my lower back literally kills. now i have an impingement and osteo in my left should which i've already had 2 lots of the injections. Along with that i have depression n on Citalopram 60mg. These are only a few of my illnesses.

My left hip is not as good as it should be the surgeon cut the artery with the rotary blade then some nerve endings were damage so not enough flow to heal quicker, i still have to walk with my crutch and my back just goes. If i go anywhere n have had to stay out or walk then i'm finished the very next day n even walking from my room to the bathroom is so painful i wait till i'm desperate.

I appealed against the dec because they didn't take note that i was due for a total hysterectomy and my gp wrote i've just had an op in august so esa dec to do a re assessment in Dec.

I'm also a full time carer for my 84 yr old mom. I just don't understand why they are putting us through so much as if living with depression n fibro isn't bad enough. I have to bath her and be with her 24/7 as she's diabetic and riddled with osteoporosis. do her hair food etc lucky i don't have to do any lifting.

I was getting £151.00 a fortnight and carers allowance of £58.00. They then cut it to £90.00 a fortnight. I am in such a tangle i literally don't know wat to do my head just doesn't work its just getting too much for me to handle.

I also had to have an assessment for my disability badge and the medical doc walked with me from my car to the office and when we got there she just said i'm not gonna ask u any questions as i can see how much pain ur in. and issued it bless her.

I really don't know what more i can do. or how much more of these changes i can take i'm not comfortable with changes at all it's stresses me out big time.


Sadly they prob looked at the fact ur a 24/7 carer- if ur fit to be a carer they take that into account even if ur fit to have pets! yes pets.


Thank you n yes ur quite right that is what i thought, omg even pets? wat is this country coming to don't know.


Hi Minx yep they could regard your being a carer as showing that you are capable of doing it as an occupation you need to show that you only do it when you can.

Take care God bless


Heya bob

Aww thank you hun. It's so true i do need to show them that.

God bless you hun



it took the Plymouth medical centre (over an hour away from me by car) several attempts to get the recording equipment on hand. I now have a CD I'd rather not listen to again lol, but it's reassuring to know it is there.


what was the outcome? Do you think it was worth while several people have said the written report they got was nothing like what had been said.

Take care God bless Bob


shocking ! i feel for you I really do . This system is taking us all to the brink for a political agenda in which we are just pawns . I have an assessment looming and its making me desperate with worry and anxiety - I didnt know you could record it so its definately something i will consider x


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