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Now this is a tricky word to use around people when ‘ pain ‘ is prevelant!!! But somehow it’s there in our mind when fighting , recovering, healing and returning to our selves once more before the next onslaughts of pain! Keep this thought never let go, Positity of our inner strength that we reach in deep to keep us going. I hope these words resonate with someone and I hope if today like me is a not so good day you can reach in and find a positive thought to help .🙋🏻🙏🍁🍁🍁🌾🌾🌾

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Lol I’m always positive ... mum calls me the eternal optimist ...


Yes indeed I try and think of the positive things in life that make me smile especially like you say when some days are not so good. For me it’s watchin my young grandchildren, the Sun shining like it is now on a Autumn day, I’ve heard the term fibro warriors used on here , I totally agree keep on fighting as best we can

Yes indeed, when I am feeling a little less positive I always think of Pollyanna and the "glad game" as there is always something to be glad about.

I'm a bit like Scarlett O'Hara "Tomorrow's another day".x


I try to find something positive in every day - even when in my worst flare .... that positive thought might simply be that I survived the day ...and that when you are at rock bottom - the only way is up :)

I’m a very positive person and take things one day at a time. Having a positive attitude and smiling have many health benefits, including pain reduction.

Having struggled in the past, I make sure I stay positive now and use fake smiling when things are bad. Fake smiling has been proven to help change our mood and lower pain levels. It also helps my OH, as he worries less.

I try to start the day thinking of 5 things to be grateful for. I always find more than 5, even if for some people they might seem simple, like ‘I can turn on a tap and have fresh water to drink’. But doing this and making a conscious mental note to be grateful reminds me that there are people out there experiencing much worse than me and this always makes me feel positive, even on the days it feels like an effort😊😊😊

When the dogs bite, when the bees sting, I simply remember my favourite things and then I don't feeeel soooo bad!!!! Yay. Don't you just love raindrops on roses?

More love in our hearts and being empathetic is so important. If we send out love peace and positivity it will comend back. Love and peaceto you 💕🌼✌


Good advice Lindsey swann it's some thing I forget when having a flare up I panic....ring my go but all they give out is more drugsi am intolerant to most of them .....and they have so many side effec:😤😤:-)

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