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So many of you write of your anus horriblus (have I got that right) please read

your dreadful year it is easy to identify the bad sessions and forget the good bits.

We all as Fibro sufferers have not just bad bits but horrendus episodes when our lives are so black and pain ridden. The pain is all consuming it does indeed hide every other aspect of our lives. Those days when it starts badly and continues added to by hospital visits - our friends suffering too and our children also in pain BUT guys I would like you all to try and remember the good bits the times you have laughed with a friend till your sides ached, when you notice the pain is not quite so bad on one day and the flowers are in bloom ravishingly showing the way to enjoy what life we have. The days when the sky was blue too few I know but there were one or two. A new born baby human or animal showing that life goes on. A smile from a stranger full of HOPE.

Yes HOPE we must try harder in 2013 to be hopeful, to smile through the pain curtain, to be positive, to show love for another being to be happy what ever it costs us. Above all endeavour to be positive upbeat and then we will surely beat MR Fibro. I wish you all more happy days in 2013 HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL xgins

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Hi Gins

You're right. In spite of the pain and waking up every morning my first thought is

'Ouch' (on a bad day it's more like 'expletive deleted!') and its easy to go downhill from there on in. And sometimes I do. Sometimes I'm more successful at being positive.

I am luckier than some, I have loving family, good friends, a job I enjoy. I am not so lucky as the people who have all of that and don't have fibro! But it's luck. I didn't create this illness, and nor did anyone wish it on me. As angry as I get at times, as hard done by as I feel, it doesn't make it go away. So, when I remember, I choose instead to feel thankful for what I have, to enjoy the lovely and beautiful things in the world, and to get on as best as I can with my life, in spite of the illness. I've had to give up a lot of things I used to enjoy. It has cost me 'friendships', contributed to the breakdown of my marriage, and limited my life in many ways, but it's not killing my body, and I don't want to let it kill my spirit! So thank you for the reminder, until I read your blog, today was one of my downhill days!




Your reply made me smile - lets battle on but be positive and uplifted well done Kaz Happy New Year xgins


Thank you Gins, your lovely blog made me feel hopeful and joyful.

I know we don't comment on each other's spelling, but in this case I feel I must because it made me laugh so much, and really cheered me up. (well, you DID ask if you'd got it right!)

'ANNUS' is Latin for 'year'. ANUS is your ... bottom!

On that note, I wonder how many of us actually DO have 'Anus Horribilis' which I suppose is a pretty good description of haemorrhoids, piles, 'Farmer Giles', The Grapes of Wrath ... whatever you care to call 'em, they certainly wouldn't improve your New Year!

The Queen once said she'd had an Annus Horribilis' - maybe she has haemorrhoids? Now I'm being disrespectful to our dear Queen, so I'd better stop being silly and playing with words!

Very Best New Year (((HUGS)))) Love - Moffy xxx

PS. I hope i spelled 'haemorrhoids' right - it's always been the one word that had me chewing my pen when I was a student!


Thanks Moffy I did know about piles eek I knew it was wrong but how many read it any way

Have a Happy New Year xgins We have to make sure we have our Royal Baubels right!


You've given us a Top Post, Gins! Thanks for the fun xxxx


Oh thank goodness for a happy thoughtful post, yeah I,m in the middle of a neck and shoulder spasm that has been going on for two weeks tomorrow I am now confined to bed I cannot support my head I logged in yesterday for some light relief to lift my spirits and found apart from gins enough doom and gloom to send me back to the pits of despair, gins and I both tried to post something light to take our minds off the pain but the mood on here is so down..... I honestly thought I was hallucinating and had logged onto a different forum by mistake.... We ARE all in pain 24/7 well I know I am and yes my first post here I was in tears of despair, but through this forum I have learnt how to laugh and be silly again and have fun... It's bought so much information too even after having fibro for 22 years i am still finding new things out I would hate to leave here but at the moment all its doing is making me cry and feel there is no relief and hope left there seems to be no balance on here between hope and despair.. So Gins , Fairycazzie, KazF and Ozzygirl...thanks for the positiveness and anyone else who reads this lets get onwards and upwards and don't let us get bogged down in the depths of despair fibro can bring us too if we let it

VG x


Hey Gal your neck must be really bad this does not sound like you . Sends gentle hug instantly(((((((((((((((()))))))))))))))))) I know when my neck is bad everything is ghastly so try and be up beat keep smiling even if you look like a looney Love to you xgins


Yay nice one moffy, I am used to GIns horrible bottom, but at least I don't have piles..... Though I can't see my bottom replacing the tennis girls bottom on the poster anytime soon, my buttocks seem to be getting closer to the back of my knees rather rapidly, perhaps that's why my onsie didn't fit properly.......

Happy new year

VG x


My posterior is large and firm (I think) I dont think it wobbles but I cannot see it nor move fast enough to make it wobble Laughs gently to avoid ripple effect on tummy. Happy New Year keep smiling xgins


hi gins a lovely post as always,

xxxxx We all try the best we can to laugh and giggle and i laugh a lot despite the bad days.

I watched Mrs Browns boys & Miranda the other day and was non stop laughing but it really hurt my face to do so as my jaws and face hurt and got sinus and head issues that have come back with a vengence and no Dr opened but i still will 'over ride' the pain and have a laugh, because i feel its the best way.

I have suffered many different pain experiences Root cannals, Dry socket, Nerves in screws in operations being crippled to bed, broken bones, sprains, aches, pains giving birth, neck nerve compression, spinal problems and yet 'always' manage to have a smile but i admit their is ones in there that you just find impossible to laugh over.

When things are controllable that is when you can smile.

CAn you imagine what its like without medication and injections and aneasthesia how back in old days just have to put up with it OMG wow i am Thank ful for todays Technology and Medicine and i WILL take it to help. As it makes me smile a little bit longer. :-D xxxxx

sometimes bad can take over the good and it is fvery very difficult to smile.

i love this site and each individual is different in how they deal with it, some cannot take as good as others which is to be expected as may have other illnesses along side what they have.

I had severe Depression 16 yrs ago and sorry if this is gloomy but it is light.. my friends who made me laugh were like take medication! and when no one was around it was gloom again and again and i am so proud today it blew over and i had the support needed to get me out of suicidal thoughts as i would not be here talking to you lot as many others the same and those with depression who are really down, really really do need a lot of support as you find ppl like to steer clear of those down, when actually we should be there for them.

So we are here for both.

Love this post and hope that everyone can have atleast a little smile through the hard tough times because that is what we are here for 'each other' xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx hugs

and anus ...hmmmm i relate to bottom lol xxx


relate away lovely reply Hun thanks and raise a glass to the New Year with me xgins


I think this is a very difficult time of year. First there is all the hype and expectation around happy christmases, and we all know that for many the reality just doesn't live up to it. Because of my personal situation I decided that this year (and this year only) I wasn't having any of it. And I am fine with that, but it was still difficult. But for many people, Christmas is never a happy time. And even for those who enjoy it, once it is over, and there is nothing to look forward to, or the expectations weren't met, or unexpected bad events took place, then the down-side starts.

And then we have new year. A new start, resolutions, more celebrations. But if you don't think there IS anything new to look forward to, just more of the same, this can really rub salt in the wound.

At this time of year, the days are short, and often never really get going. It is cold, wet and miserable outside.

All of these things conspire to make it a horrible, difficult time of year.

I think that is part of the reason for the 'outbreak' of posts definitely NOT looking on the bright side.

However, I think it's SO important that everyone feels safe to let off steam, have a rant, get a hug or two (I know I've needed them in the past, and will again in the future).

So, I wouldn't want anyone to feel that they should be ashamed of negative feelings, or that they can't express them here. One of the great things about this forum is that we can be, and are, supportive of each other in the bad times, share the good news when it comes, and enjoy a laugh and a joke along the way, all seasoned with more information and understanding about the illness we all suffer from.

So, please, any members reading this, who are currently feeling down, please don't stop reaching out for support. If you want to let off steam, get advice, whatever - go for it!

And to those members who do have a joke or two to share - please hurry up and share them!

Thanks to you all, for sharing, for caring.




Dear Kaz,

I completely agree sometimes we need somewhere where we can off load all our negatives and it can help and show us there is more to life. Humor is a medicine used to hide the fact we need help like every one else and we care and share as we go along our compassion for others is great our shoes can not be filled by others unless they feel they have large hearts, sympathetic ears and probably a love of insanity .

So from me a gentle hug to you ((((((((((((())))))))))) Hapapy New Year xgins


Life is amazing and FM has made us all stop and think about it, if we have a bad day, someone somewhere is having a worse day. I remember one day thinking my feet were killing me and every step was like walking on pins, then I thought of the people with no shoes and then I realised there were people with no feet and thought " ain't I the lucky one ". There is always a silver lining somewhere and at times it can be fun looking for it. Happy NewYear to you all smile smile and then smile again.


How true Life is amazin and we only get one go so we best make the most of it ! Happy New Year to you love and Hugs gins


Yes, I think a good moan , maybe a tear or two, then a laugh and a counting up of the blessings that we do have is the only way we can live at peace with this particular illness.

I have dreadful pain in the mornings, but am thankful for a dose of modern medicine, a really hot shower and a nice pot of tea ... how do people in undeveloped countries cope?

I am thankful for my comfy little flat, the nice view I have of Southampton Water, the fact that I can still walk enough to enjoy my surroundings, and most of all my wonderful family.

We infuriate each other at regular intervals, but there is so much love there - I feel truly blessed.

My daughter was seriously ill recently, and I would have suffered ten times the pain I have just to see her well again. She is fine now, and I am no worse, so how lucky we are.

Pain you can get any time, but blessings are more difficult to come by, so I guess our only option is to try to concentrate on the good things as much as we can.

Anyway, after all this Pollyanna stuff, I wish you all the very best and most hopeful of New Years, and may you all feel that there are enough blessings in your life to offset the bad things.

Love ..Moffy x


Here is to Pollyanna Happy New Year xgins


Oh I don't know moffy I can picture you quite easily in a blonde wig with plaits and a fringe delivering calves foot jelly to old mrs snow when all she wanted was some chicken soup :P

VG x


>>>>>Off to buy blonde wig wiv plaits>>>>>!

Going to try and find a YOUNG MR SNOW! We shan't be needing the calves foot jelly ;)


Well said Gins

We all live with daily pain, but that doesn't mean that we have to stop living. It is natural and understandable that there are times when the trials of living with Fibro overwhelm us, times when we feel like a good moan, and times when we just feel so down.

Many people are lucky enough to have supportive family, and people who will listen to their worries. I live alone with my autistic son, so no sympathy there. I do get down now and again, but I know I can't stay there, otherwise my 'pill happy' doctor will be attempting to shovel more medication down me - or ship me off to the Happy Farm'.

I have learned stress makes the pains worse, but it is hard to avoid, especially with my son. However I have invented a new rule here and it is a case of "Will yelling or moaning change anything? if it will carry on, if it won't then shut up" . It is something I have applied to myself as well as my son - don't know which of us finds it harder to stick too. I think if we try to count our blessings instead of our aches and pains, we will find we have at least one thing to smile about


Lovely count our Blessings not our aches and Pains - you are right it is easy to come on line and identify so closely with other suffers that we feel worse there are always good things that we can reach for and by being upbeat about them we will feel lighter of heart.

Happy New Year :) xgin


Happy New Year to you too, and to everyone who comes here.

I am counting my blessings today, as I look out of my window and see yet more lashing rain, and high winds blowing down fences and bending branches.

My blessing is that I don't have to go out in it, and can stay indoors where it is warm and dry, and feeling very grateful that I managed to get to the supermarket on Saturday morning before it got this bad.

Hope everyone can find at least one thing to smile about today as the old year departs, tomorrow is a new start.



As the evening approaches and the turn of the year Happy New Year to you xgins


No matter what the day throws at me Gins I am always grateful just to be alive xxxxx


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