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Pain, lack of sleep and positivity

I moved home last weekend and have spent the whole

Week trying to get the pain under control and even though

I am so tired the sleep never comes. I then find myself getting uptight

And angry which stops the sleep even more. Leading to the viscous circle

Us people with fibromyalgia find ourselves in. I have stopped my antidepressants

And am going through the horrible side effects of that even though I did it slowly

But I hated how they made me feel. But now I am back to crying at the slightest thing

This is my first blog on here even though I have posted comments .

I have had fybromyalgia for about 20 years now its now part of me!

The one thing I do hate about this is when you go to the drs and they

Put everything down to the fybromyalgia no matter what it is!

I also have osteoarthritis in my hips knees hands and fingers.

I had a knee replacement privately 6 years ago as I was too

Young to have it done on the NHS! It has never been right and drops me

Constantly but I no longer have private care and the same consultant

Will not redo my knee on NHS so I have to suffer.

When a few weeks ago my boyfriends mother had a new knee after waiting a total

Of 4 weeks and she was still able to kneel and get about. She isn't on the medicines

I am on was only taking paracetamol but as she is 75 she gets it done. I just don't get how that is fair. I have to take morphine to get me through a day!

Anyway I was thinking maybe we should start a tag where we could

Put something positive each day. Now I know this is a tough one for many of us

But maybe it would help in some small way. When I was married I visited America

And actually met a couple of people with the same problems but at the time it was

More recognised over there probably still is.

But seeing the storms this week we should be grateful we aren't going through

What some of them are facing presently. So my positive thought for today is that I have a

Roof over my head and don't have to queue for food or gas or power.

Please excuse how this is written I have no Internet until Monday so am using my phone

Take care everyone and be gentle on yourselves

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I know exactly how u feel, am getting a maximum of 3 hours a night. I know how hard it is to stay positive but I just remind myself that I have wonderful family and friends who understand and support me. I also have a really good Dr. If your not getting support from your Dr perhaps you need to look for another. Keep your chin up x x


I also know how you are feeling, I also suffered from bad sleep patterns which in turn made the pain worse. I was perscribed amatriptylne tablets I need to take 2 tablets (20mg) but they do work. Don't know if this is of any use to you or not but just thought I would mention it.

I have been taken off ALL my other medication which helped to control the pain a little due to severe migraines which was due to over use of pain killers so now for the near future i can't take anything. I have found this hard as now I am stiff and sore all the time. I have had this week off work due to it being half term, but am supposed to be going back on monday I just hope I am up to it.

I also think myself lucky in comparision to a lot of other people and I think your idea michaelb62 of having somewhere we could post a positive comment everyday is a fab idea and think it would really help lots of people.

Take care



Hi peeps. I think its a good idea my good point is that although I'm stuck in bed. In agony I have my lovely long suffering hubby lookibng after mme if not for him I wouldn't have eaten this week although I have. A stair lift when I'm this bad itbb hurts to use it every bump and vibration is agony ,so mine I my hubby .look after yourselves peeps big gentle hugs ttfn . Sithy


Sorry about the spelling


Think the positive thought for the day would be good especially for us few who find it at times hard to be positive !!

Gentle hugs x x x


My positive thought - even after the dreadful wind & torrential rain I didn't have to worry about our roof or fence panels or trees. I'm now in a ground floor rented flat, knowing it's not my respnsibility is a really positive thought. Great idea! How many others will try? Lets all find at least One positive thing to give thanks for, xxxxx


Are the docs not being agest toward you in not giving you you quality of life you deserve...I find it shocking that age should come into if you qualify for an op or not. Could you not get some legal help from disability advise service?


my positive for today is i went to visit my Mum and her breathing is much better at last. xx


I am glad everyone is coming up with a positive for the day. I know we all

Suffer with lots of pain but if we just think one thing positive it does help. I have had to move for two reasons one is the cost of a 2 bed house when I am only entitled to 1 bed and 2

I fell down the stairs twice at night when on my own due to my knee giving way. This scared me. With regards to medication someone mentioned amytryptiline I take 50 mg at night along with MST, a small dose of clonazepam for restless legs and oromorph if the pain is too bad. I have zopiclone which is supposed to help me sleep but is useless! I used to be on 250 mg amytryptiline which would knock me out and cause really bad memory loss I was also being raped by my husband and would wake up to find myself being abused but he would say that

I had come on to him but how possible is that if you are fast asleep? This led to the end of my marriage as I attempted suicide 5 times to get away from the pain and abuse. I have tried nearly every anti depressant and pain relief from gabapentin and pregabalin ( which did initially help the sleep but had to be constantly increased. There is a new drug on

The market for people with pain and it is one which does not have to be increased in dose

It goes to the parts of the body that monitors our pain and goes to the areas affected. I can't remember the name of it but I know it begins with a p I asked my go but he said it can only be given by pain clinics at the moment in this country!

When I went to the pain clinic last I saw a dr who had seen me privately

He said he knew me from somewhere when I said I had seen him privately

He turned and said I needed to go to the pain clinic! But that's where I was he said nothing he could do for me!

If I could go privately with my knee I know the same consultant

Would replace the knee he put in I have been told the osteoarthritis is worse

And the knee is loose but they refuse to do it. But this is my quality of life they are

Messing with. Now I am in a ground floor flat I am going to push to get more

Help and push for this knee.

My positive thing right now is I am warm in my bed propped up in bed watching tv.

Gentle hugs to all keep warm and relax xx


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