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Embarrassing symptoms


Although I’ve not been referred to a specialist my GP suggested that my symptoms pointed to fibromyalgia and left me to self manage. I tried Amitriptyline and gabapentin, neither of which I felt helped. I have managed living with the pain medication free however recently my symptoms have changed. My biggest concern is that there are periods when I have no control over my bladder. Is this a common symptom? Unfortunately fibromyalgia shares so many symptoms with other conditions that I’m starting to worry that I may have primary progressive multiple sclerosis and my brain is going into overdrive. It’s been 2 and and a half years going back and forth to GP just to have umpteen blood tests and a few ineffective tablets prescribed.

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Hi and welcome to our little group. Yes I suffer bladder problems with fibro but I would suggest if you haven't already checked you ask your GP to test your urine to make sure you haven't got an infection first before assuming it is fibro related. The problem with fibro is that the symptoms change frequently so knowing what is and what isn't fibro can be tricky.

I have had a sample taken and I’ve got yet more bloods tomorrow. I saw a locom who said my reflexes were unusual and recommended I see a neurologist but have to wait and see if the GP follows that up. I’m normally one for being guided by Drs but I’m so fed up I think I need to make a stand and demand some further investigations. I know labels don’t necessarily help but I’m fed up with being in limbo.

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and so you should be. It's good you are fed up now take some action because unfortunately, most of the time GP's don't follow through and refer a patient to a specialist. It can help doing your own research on your condition. Don't sit around waiting for the GP to do something he should have done a long long time ago. Take control and push for what you need him to do or move on to another GP.

Hi there, it.s nice to meet you :) while many people suffer with with urinary problems and fibro it could be coincidental imo. Saying that I guess it stands to reason as Fibromyalgia causes severe muscle pain, this symptom can cause individuals to feel as if they have to urinate or experience frequent urination. But if this is a new symptom for you I would strongly have a word with your GP or your nurse . It's best to get any new symptom checked and never assume it may be fibro xx


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What is your GP waiting for? Why hasn't he referred you to a specialist already? He's wasting time for you while you try to self manage which is what I did for years. It's a puzzle not for us to solve but for a Reumatologist which your GP is not! Your new symptoms could be a side affect of the meds you are on. Do some online research on the meds you are taking and see what all the side effects are which are usually a lot. I took Gabapenton and had double vision for a whole day even after I stopped taking it. That is one of the side affects. Push your GP to refer you to a specialist asap and if he is too lazy to do that go to another GP.


I too have tried Amitriptyline and gabapentin, neither did anything for me either, but the amitriptyline did cause bladder problems for me, as soon as I stopped taking it the symptoms stopped too, quite a few of the tablets have this side effect.

Please go back to your GP and ask for a referral to a Rheumatologist; You are entitled to a second opinion. It is most common for a Rheumatologist to diagnose Fibro.

Have you had tests for Rheumatoid markers in your blood? It is usual to have this checked, before referral.

I know that GPs are just as strapped for cash as everyone else these days, but it seems that some are shirking their responsibilities these days, as referrals cost them.

You are not alone. X

I also had a weak bladder and worse sometimes a weak bowel, that was until my GP gave me Duloxetine for nerve pain, one of the side effects is that it can effect your bladder and bowel, I have to admit it doesn't do much for the nerve pain so can't be sure if it's fibro related though. I would definitely get back to the GP to get checked for other possible causes first. Good luck 😀

Hun have you got a practice nurse at your surgery? Maybe ask for an appt. to see her/him- write down evrything you have told us and more if you can, the more you write the more chance you have of seeing a specialist, a nurse can refer too.. I too have bladder problem BUT mine is a Urethral diverticula ( a kink in thepipework from bladder to "out")and yes it can be related although my problem is an apron of loose flesh due to weightloss., which is sitting on bladder and bowel pipes. I am under the care of a Uro-Gynae lady.

Hi yes I get blader problem s is part of fibo .I get where I just don't wee properly at times.

Hi there Paffette71

So sorry to hear of all your problems, I too have bladder issues, so you are not all alone in that department, I believe it is not uncommen to have bladder and bowel issues with Fibro. However I am concerned that you mention only seeing a GP, you really do need to visit a specialist and have all of your symptoms looked at properly. This will help ease your mind and set you on the path to a correct diagnoses and better treatment. I know it is very hard but please don't let your mind wonder down the path it has been going as it will only course you stress and add to your health issuses and make you feel far worse. You need to be kind to yourself, talk to your GP and see if there are any Meditation Classes near you, I find it helps me immensely to relax and focus better. You may even benifit from asking your GP for a script for some Antidepressants for the short term, just until you get yourself properly diagnosed. Don't do this alone, you need family or friend support. If you open up to friends you may find they know others with Fibro that you could talk to, it is far more common than people think. Go to your local hospital and ask if they have any pamphlets with info that might help and ask if they know of any groups that you could join. Please get expert help, you'll feel so much better for it.

Sending you warm wishes and take care. Elsielc🌹💞

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