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Cold nights

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Why every autumn do I get pain in my back and thighs which wakes me up in the night and stops me sleeping? I'm new to this group, aged 69 , active lifestyle, but when I've asked GPs in previous years they can't help. Reading online makes me think it may be fibromyalgia. It always happens when the temperature drops quickly. Last night was clear in eastern Scotland about 4degrees after a sunny day.

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You may have areas of rheumatism hun but if you had fibro it would be all the time and need pain releif, try to find out if there is a warm swimming pool near you around 32 degrees and go regularly to stretch and swim, my body gets cold quickly I think its all the steroids I have had, they have thinned my skin.

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Thanks. Paracetamol helps but I don't have pain all the time just when the weather changes. Have done for years. Even as a child my legs ached when I got cold or tired and they said "growing pains"! Must try swimming soon now the schools have gone back.

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Good idea really hun I have hydrotherapy for my fibro ( I do take pain relief too) its helps me with stretching muscles and pumping them up to keep mobile as my legs are the worst. try to find a pool that is well warmed up water as cold water might make you feel worse,, we have a local pool that has a childs pool at 32degreees my daughter goes for a swim and i excercise in the baby pool then have a soak in the jacuzzi. My hydro is 6 weeks in and 6 weeks out so the "out" time I need to keep agile as poss otherwise break thru can happen, having learned over 17 years how to keep it under some control its trial and error for most of us a bit like most meds we are prexcribed.

Swimming might be helpful. Have you changed your mattress recently? Might also be a good idea? I love my memory foam mattress and my aches and pains were so much better after I got mine. LOVE my bed


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Thanks moo. Better night with a thicker mattress cover underneath and an extra light cover on top, to make a thermal sandwich. Also took 2paracetamol at bedtime and two more in middle of night. Must start swimming again and do some stretching exercises. Our mattress is latex, very thick rather like memory foam, and can be too warm in hot weather.

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