Combating these Cold Nights

Just thought i'd share a little tip with you of what i do just before getting into bed on these really cold night its simple really just before getting into bed if you have an hair dryer just lift the covers and give a good blast with the hair dryer especially at bottom of the bed and also give the pillow then last of all in between the sheet the flat sheet and the duvet. i don't like using hot water bottles or electric blankets so i do this instead it works wonders. i have been doing this since my son was little, he is now 25 and does it himself in his own flat.

just thought i'd share that with you :-)

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  • That sounds a good idea x lol x

  • believe me rainbowdancer its a godsend. i hate cold beds. and i get really cold feet so i give down the end of the bed an extra blast once i'm even in the bed. my son loved it and does it still even now. ;-)

  • What a brillianzo idea!

    Shall do it this very night. Ta everso much for this - definitely suggestion of the week!

    Moffy x

  • thanks ladymoth i think it is too. been a life saver for me! :-)

  • Great idea would be nice if we had sticky threads .... Hint to HU :) and we could have a handy tip thread for people to browse

    VG x

  • Err What!!!! run that by me again, this time in English plsssss!!!!!!!:-S

  • Grumpy are you ok babe? ...... i want what she's having!

  • I use fleece blankets above and below me in bed. The edges meet leaving me with no drafts. No cold sheets to deal with now x I use the quilt over my legs but find the fleeces are better for limiting night I no longer have to fight my husband for covers....I now have my own lol

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