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Thanks for last nights advice

Thank you to everyone who posted a reply to me last night. It is amazing to see i am not alone, obviously wouldnt wish this journey on anyone but its a comfort to know others know how i feel. A year of loneliness, being told i am a faker or liar by family and still looking for answers on how to feel human again has taken a serious toll on me mentally.

I am taking all your advice on board and will keep reiterating to doctors i need their help as whats been done so far is not aiding me at all. Just feel like i keep hitting a brick wall with them and go around in circles.

I never sleep well due to the pain and or nightmares i have everytime i doze off due to the depression so i never start the day well or refreshed. Hopefully i'll get there someday. Xx

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Hello Sally, :) thanks so much for your own sharing and response. I'm still quite new here, yet I feel how much it helps to reach out and support one another.

Keeping-up your spirits, getting to feel more human again and knowing that you are absolutely GENUINE and far from fake, will be a first step to give you the strength to keep asking firmly and strongly for what you need.

I would like to wish you genuinely all the best with this continuing journey. Keep us posted by and by... ok? :-)

Kindest wishes, Rock Rose :-)

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Thanks Rock Rose, its still all new to me, having this forum to open up to and fibromyalgia as a whole despite having the symptoms for 10 plus years. I only found this page through frustration and feeling like i needed something to help. I'm back at the doctors tomorrow so shall be trying again to be heard and understood. xx


I'm glad that the advice from others has helped you.

I used to have VERY disrupted sleep patterns (damn those Alpha waves) but now sleep through most nights. This is no mean feat as I travel a lot with work and often have jet lag. I'll share some of my top tips! :)

I find that aromatherapy really helps me. Especially the Neals Yard Remedies Night Time ready-to-roll remedy, and the Dreamy Sleep body mist from The Body Shop.

It's very important to get ready for bed in the correct way (sounds silly, doesn't it). That means: no checking the phone last thing at night, no TV, no computer, no games console. Basically, no screens, as they can hinder the development of melatonin, the hormone that promotes sleep.

Reading before bed is great, and can help quiet the chatter that can sometimes kick in at nighttime, which usually says "you are never getting to sleep tonight, no way, not a chance".

Make sure your room isn't too hot - your bed should feel cold when you first get in it.

Your curtains should block out ALL light (or most of it). If you can see across your room when the lights are off, the curtains are closed and it's dark outside, then you need to invest in some blackout curtains. Or an eyemask, which is cheaper, but can be annoying. Also, fling your curtains open first thing in the morning to get some sun. The more sun you get in the morning, the more tired you'll be in the evening.

Lastly, your mindset is key. If your brain is constantly telling you you won't get to sleep, or you'll wake up in the middle of the night, or likes to give helpful reminders about how many hours you've got left till you have to be up, then you need to tell it to shut up. Honestly. Try practising some PMA (positive mental attitude) before bed. Envisage waking up after a restful night of deep sleep, feeling refreshed and ready to go. Lack of sleep goes hand in hand with increased pain levels, and increased pain levels go hand in hand with lack of sleep, so it's a vicious circle.

You may not believe me, but you are the key to a proper, restful nights sleep. Medications can induce sleep, but it's not, technically speaking, the right kind.

Best of luck, I really hope you feel better very soon xxx


EquineArcher77, thanks for these hints for sleep. I have recently had increasing difficulty with insomnia ~ some nights not sleeping at all. And you're right about increasing pain following those nights. I had also just heard from another source about aromatherapy, so it is one more thing I am anxious to try as soon as possible.

Again, your and everyone's input/advice on this wonderfully helpful Forum is much appreciated. All the many facets of Fibro are difficult ... so any help we can get from (or give to) each other is a wonderful gift!


I really hope some of those tips work for you.

Insomnia or disturbed sleep is a real misery, and breaking that cycle can be really hard, but it is totally possible. xx


I am so genuinely and sincerely delighted that the members could offer you some support. The members make the forum worthwhile.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hello SallyE15,

Welcome to the FibroAction community!

I' glad to hear you've found the community of some support & hope you continue to do so. If you need further information about Fibro, please do check out our FibroAction site - fibroaction.org

I look forward to chatting to you around the community

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


You are not faking how you feel. Fibro has been recognised as causing pain plus lots of other things. Be kind to yourself and invest some time in what you enjoy, could be art or just a walk. I used to have very disturbed nights due to legs twitching and cramping, but find if I do some gently stretches and 10 minutes mindfulness I only wake up about twice a night and that is usually due to the fact that I have gone to hot. We have a total black out blind as my husband used to work nights and I find this effective, but the little red and blue lights irritate my eyes so tend to be blocked from sight (My alarm clock time is hidden by my perfume!!)


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