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help been turned down on appeal to get into support group

hi just been turned down on appeal to go in support group is there nothing else I can do they reckon nothing has changed since my medical back into 2011 even thou sent letter from docs and ive just been digno with copd and asthma on top of my fibro ibs and depression they haven't asked to see me so how do they know my appeal form was filled out by cab and they had all the points system in front of them I just don't understand any of it so down at the moment fed up with the fight

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Is it the actual appeal or is it a reconsideration by DWP that has been refused, what exactly does the letter say.

I would have guessed CAB would have opted for a face to face appeal as it's more likely to succeed.

Can you go back to CAB and get them to help you?


not sure really the paperwork they have sent me is mind boogling had all paperwork that I had filled out back in 2011 but not the paperwork that I filled out with the cab I just don't understand it at all


Did you send in the paperwork that you filled out with the CAB?


Have a look at Benefits & Work website, they have in depth guides from filling in Atos form to appeals. I used guide and was awarded support group without need for medical. I couldn't have done it without the guide. Hope all ends up going your way.


thank you I will have a look


Hi meinpete , sorry for your news , I think you can now take it to tribunal if you lose appeal , also you can reclaim ESA if you have new illness that wasn't on your old case ,you must wait 6 weeks to reclaim , and you can put new claim in why appealing.




Ring them up and say you want to appeal the descion tobe in wrag , and also tell them you have new condition and wish to make a new claim , it can be done ,it's what happened to me , when I won appeal they just cancelled the new claim.


Hi Melnpete,

I'me so sorry to hear that you have been refused the support group. You need to put on a GL24 (appeal document) the reasons why you want to appeal.

It is very important to get a copy of the ESA support group descriptors off the internet then look at the descriptors and decide if any are applicable to you. If they are, write them on the GL24 and why you are of the opinion that you satisfy them. Also if you can include as much evidence as possible in relation to how the evidence applies to you and the descriptor.

If you want any help pls feel free to give me a shout I'le gladly help where possible ..


Liam Carter

Senior Case Manager

My Benefit Claim


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