This might help you sleep!

Hi everyone, I know that this wont be for everyone but I find it very good to help me sleep.

I have ME/CFS dx 7 years ago and fibro for a year. I never slept for the first 2 years of having ME I tried everything but just ended up tossing and turning or getting up at 4am etc.

I had always enjoyed listening to radio 4 and thought I would try listening to audio books. It has been a life saver to me. I listen in bed until I feel I will nod off and switch it off, or if I've fallen asleep and then wake up, I just listen again. It stops me worrying about not sleeping, and helps with not thinking about the pain. Audio books are available from your local library, or you can download from the internet.

I know its not everyones cup of tea, but I just cant be without my ipod now.

I hope this might be on interest to someone

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  • hi i do read my kindle but still no sleep lol love to you diddle x

  • hey brilliant.. that is something i have thought about.. i listen to music on my phone when i cant sleep. only thing is. i end up signing to myself lol or.. remembering things that happen when u hear a certain song... lol

    do u have a kingle ?? how else would i get to do this with reading books xx

  • I have a kindle as well as I find it difficult now to read ordinary books, but listening to the spoken word seems to work for me. I would advise against listening to thrillers though as it will surely keep you awake! I listen to travel books and biographies as they are very calming.

    If you have a CD player or even a tape player you will find audio books at your library. Most of the latest books are out on audio.

  • Hi cheekybeatle, what a good idea, i would of killed for that advice two years ago, but so far amitriplyn is working fingers crossed it will. If it doesnt then i know what to try now thankyou. :)

    kel xxx

  • I bought a set of 4 CD's (they were on offer at Tesco, so I thought I'd have a try) - classical relaxation. There is one called 'calm' that I put on every night. I have a personal CD player next to the bed, and listen through ear buds.... I get so sleepy listening that 9 times out of 10 I fall asleep listening. When I wake the earphones are on the floor next to the bed!

    I've looked and the CD plays for just over an hour... but I have never managed to listen to the end!

    I just need to find a way of STAYING asleep now that dropping off has been sorted!... I can be awake 5 or 6 times during a night, and never get up in the morning feeling refreshed!

  • Hi just wondered,

    Do anybody that use ear phones, do your ears hurt when you have them in?

    Mine do and have done since i was a child, i used to wear the old fashioned

    kel xxx

  • I use special speakers that lie under your pillow and you just plug it into what ever you use, ipod or cd player. You can adjust the sound to whatever level you need. I live on my own so dont have a partner to worry about! But the instructions say that only you can hear whats playing. I got my speakers from Amazon and they arent expensive. Hope this is of help to you. Aileen xx

  • Thankyou aileen,

    Iwill look into them, its amazing how all questions can be answered on here. :)

    kel xxxx

  • I couldn't live without my iPod I listen to music to go to sleep and again when I wake up do have a kindle but prefer the iPod it's been a life save for the past year and sometimes I go online at night eBay to while away the sleepless night!I have a pillow with a speaker have never used it as think it might annoy my husband he told me the other day he can hear my music and I have in ear phones on (and yes they do hurt whoever asked actually dislike them) but I can lie in bed with them on but wake up and boy do they hurt!!

    Hugs Ruby xx

  • hi ruby,

    its good to know i am not the only one. people think i am weird that i cant use them.


    kel xxxx

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