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Newly diagnosed


Hi after years of back n forth to the doctors and years of bing told i hae viral infections i hae finally been diagnosed with fibro i have had flare ups in the past butfor he past year i have had no let up and i am feeling that i am getting worse atm im struggling with crippling pain and fatigue the doctor has given me antidepressants to cope with anxiety n depression brought on by the way im feeling but wondering what other coping methods people use to get through, every day is a struggle atm any help is much appreciated xx

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Hi Ginge30, welcome to the group. The pain and fatigue are hard to cope with and it’s hard to know how you are going to feel from one hour to the next. What medication has the doctor given you? I find microwave heat pads or Epsom salt bath helpful and a tens machine for my legs. Pacing yourself is important so you don’t over do it but I haven’t cracked that one myself yet. Have you been referred to a pain clinic? 😀😀

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Hi thanks for ur reply the doctor has given me sertralin to take i had been on co codamol n naproxen for the pain but neither helped so she has stopped them but paracetamol n ibuprofen dnt touch it! Im trying to rest when i can but its hard i work nights too which probably doesnt help!! i did look into a tens machine but wasnt sure if they would work but i think ill give one a go im up for trying anything i live in the bath so will try some epsom salt too thank you 😀 i have to go back in a couple of weeks so will enquire about the pain clinic im still trying to get my head round it all tbh ive had years of docs making me think its all in my head or that im being dramatic so now i dnt know where to start but thank you for your help xxx

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I couldn’t take co codomol and I’m on naproxen now which is a strong ibuprofen. Over the counter medication didn’t work for me at all. Have you going a union rep and occupational health at work? Would you be able to reduce the hours you work? I bought a tens machine from Lloyd’s Pharmacy and it was £15. I’ve read on here that some doctors aren’t very sympathetic with fibro. Hope you get some pain relief soon 😀😀

Hi. Tiny little goals each day helps me. If I don't do a little each day the pain, stiffness and depression gets worse. I potter around my garden...little bit of exercise and watching whatever I've planted start to grow, lifts my spirits. I think little and often in terms of exercise and motivation. Hard going but worth doing. Pain Clinic services are good. I have ended up on Gabapentin which was awful to start with but fine now. Reading a little each day is good for warding off the fibro fog and I also play word games etc to focus my brain :)

Have you had your thyroid checked and vitamin D? I had a lot of viral infections before being diagnosed with an underactive thyroid.


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