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Diagnosed with Lymphoma

Hi there everyone, I have just been diagnosed with lymphoma although I don't know which one yet. As several of the symptoms are the same as fibro I wondered if anyone else has been diagnosed with it.

I have been diagnosed with fibro for 4 years but think I have had it for years and have been variously treated fror muscle strain spasm slipped disc etc. I am virtually bed bound with the d**n thing but hey ho thats the way it goes. I at least have a very good carere and we share a house together. He has a mental disability and I have a physical one so we care for each other I do the things he can't do and he does the things I can't so I am blessed

Anyway I hope that everyone is having a relatively pain free day and gentle hugs to all

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I am sorry to hear this, I do hope that they find out what type and start your treatment soon. It is good that you have someone at home to support you. There is a very good web-site you may like to take a look at, They have a confidential phone line you can use to chat with them about your condition. I wish you well x


So sorry to your news mstigger, hope things will soon be sorted, we are all here for you and thinking of you, this is a brilliant site for making you feel u can forget your worries if only momentarily , and such fun too, u at care now gentle hugs to you ....Dee xx


Poor old you, Mstigger. Hope you can get some good treatment soon, and that you rapidly improve. Take care!

Moffy x

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Hi Mstiger sorry to hear you have joined the band of lymphodema, but it is better to be diagnosed the relief you will feel when you start treatment will be enormous. I have Lyphodema and Fibro to name but a few an I have triple bandaging on both of my legs it is done once a week and my legs have gone down brilliantly. So good luck hope you get treatment soon xgins


Hi mstiger, I realy hope you find out quickly what type it is so that treatment can begin as soon as possible. When did you get the diagnosis for the lymphoma?

Keep us posted about how you're doing.

Best wishes, Becky x


Sorry to hear you have Been diagnosed with Lymphoma,but It can be cured my husband was diagnosed in 2003 he had his chemotherapy, and his been in remission for 9 years . Hope all goes as well for you as it did for him .My thoughts are with


Thank you to all of you who made a comment. Its nice to know that there are people out there who care. So sorry I didn't write back sooner but have had a bad couple of days where I was just too tired to type.

I am hoping that the results come soon I am really not very good at waitng for this and am stressing my backside off about it.

Molly so pleased that your husband has beaten this and lts hope I join his club


I have been getting pain in area of collarbone and looks swollen also feel it in shoulder and back ear sometimes. Just looked at your post and wondered what other symptoms lymphoma has now getting worried.


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