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Hello everyone,

I am new to the group, my mum suffers with Fibro so i thought i might be able to learn something on here, anything to help her. In 2006 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and after undergoing the radiation it fibro was what was left.

She can spend days in bed at a time sleeping and most days she cant stay awake past 4pm. She thinks it is the morphine causing this and is currently weaning herself off it to try and gain a better quality of life.

So any tips greatly appreciated thankyou for reading my post

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morphine is a good candidate for that as is the possible surgery.

Might be a good idea to discuss with GP. What painkiller do you replace the morphine with? It needs some thought and discussion. One assumes no drug is prescribed if its not needed.

Good luck to you both

Pudding098 in reply to fenbadger

Thankyou fenbadger,

There have been discussions with the GP about a possible replacement. What surgery are you talking about? Im not aware of any surgery for fibro (but im not really that clued up). It is wholly my mums decision to reduce the morphine as she feels on it she loses her herself, more like zombie. I just want to support her in the best way I can with the decision. If if feel like there is no other reasonable alternative to the morphine and she is in too much pain without it i will deffinately encourage her to restart it 😊. Thank you for reply

fenbadger in reply to Pudding098

I meant some traumatic treatments can fire it off. I'm not aware of any suitable for fibro.

Coming off morphine is an option your mum should discuss with doctor :)

Dear Pudding098, I also suffer much, and for many years, from Fibromyalgia and either M.E or M.G. Sorry no, I have not had much experience of Morphine at all. I only take a Kaolin/Morphine dose when I am severely affected by the IBS and that is a very small dose. So very sorry to hear that your Mother has had breast cancer and Fibro was the result. One does sleep a great deal with Fibro, so do not be so alarmed at that. Her body is telling her what she must do. The exhaustion is just too great to keep going. Sorry I cannot be more help. Love Roselil

Pudding098 in reply to Roselil

Awww thank you Roselil,

My dad also has ME so i know what debilitating illnesses they are and for you to have both (or possibly MS) just seems to much for a body to bear. I think my mum was coping okay with the pain and initially the morphine was for the really bad times but the doctor told her to take the morphine as soon as she felt the pain and nip it in the bud so i think she has become very dependant on it. I think she also wants to distinguish what is actually her fibro symptoms and which are the symptoms of her tablets. Thank you for reply its always nice to know how others experience fibro.

Roselil in reply to Pudding098

Thank you dear for replying. I am so very sorry you have both of your parents ill, and indeed, sad that your Dad has M.E. It has been a painful journey over so many years for me, but I am now finding some help with the pain through taking Turmeric mouth spray and also I started recently with CBD mouth spray, but too early yet to see what difference, if any, that makes. Certainly, it does seem to be helping many with Fibromyalgia. Perhaps you could look into it for your Mother, rather than having to take morphine. Hope you can get some help for both your parents. sincerely, Roselil

Pudding098 in reply to Roselil

Thank you, its lovely to hear you have had an improvement with turmeric, im not sure what cbd is but will definately look into it. My mum has turmeric everydays and she too says she feels the benefit from it. My dad copes really well with his ME but he has had 40 years of learning to deal with it. Hopefully they will continue to find things like turmeric that reduce the pain for these horrible conditions. Best of luck with your cbd oil and thank you for your reply.

Sorry to read about your mum and dad, I have been taking coenzymeq10 ubiquinol on the advice of my consultant to help with the fatigue. It helps the body to convert food into energy and is the only thing I have found that works for me, good luck

Pudding098 in reply to Shazzzy

That sounds interesting thank you i will definately do some reasearch into that, hope it continues to help you xx

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