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dont understand all the new benefit changes

hi please can anyone help me understand the new benefit changes i went for a work related interview on the 31st jan my interviewer was very nice and said that she understood all that i was going through she said that i would hear from someone within 2 weeks and said that she would request that they do a telephone interview as she could see that it was very difficult for me to attend a meeting. I have not heard anything from anybody but recieved my brown envelope that said i would still recieve my benefit and no changes in the amount...

When looking on here i kept noticing WRAG and did not know what it was but when i checked my benefit letter again i noticed that that is what im geting ...

I have fibro and angina i am on medication for the angina also alot of pain killers inc pregabalin tramadol and slow release fentanyl patches....So please can anybody help me so that i can understand if i am in the right system

thank you for reading....

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Hello Gillyb59,

I think there are many people that are finding all these changes difficult, exasperating and frustrating to say the least. We will try to help & advise you as best we can.

Please can I provide you with a link that may help,

FibroAction can also email the Benefits & Work Guides for free. If you email me at I can email them to you.

Here is the link to Benefits & Work website

I hope this helps

All the best



You need to fill in a GL24 form to appeal, you want to be placed in the Support Group due to ill health, you are not fit to be in WRAG as you are not fit for work.

GL24's are available online or in your local JC or CAB.


I have just joined the forum,its sad alot of the really ill people are getting turned down for support group,as it causes more stress.i was diagnosed with fibro 2011,just trying to find my way around its not like the other forums


Great replies there from Mdaisy and esagestapo you now know which form to get and the link should help you fill it in ....

Good luck

VG x


Thanks to all the bright folks who understand the 'works' - it makes my head spin, trying to work out what's what! :(


thank for all your replys i will get on to it asap once again thank you all


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