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Well, my health assessor from PIP, has just left. She was a lovely lady, whose name I have forgotten already! It seemed to go well, although it was emotionally draining and I kept bursting into tears! It really brings it home to you, when you are describing your limitations. You realise how much your whole life has changed! My wrist began to swell in front of her. She said that she would normally ask to see me walking, bending etc but as she could see that I was in pain, she didn’t want to make me worse, she only checked my hand grip and to see if I could lift my arms above my head. She said it will take about 6-8 weeks to get a decision. Fingers crossed everyone! Xx


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Bless you Hun, I’m keeping everything crossed that you get the benefits that you truly deserve lovely. Having been through it myself I know exactly how you feel. Just try and get some rest now. Please take care of yourself and lots of gentle hugs to you xx🤗🤗

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