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The pip assessment

Ho well what a day

Got to hospital for 8.55 went in sat down waited 15 minutes.

Questions nothing like Internet.

Went in said I had done a diray like they had asked me to do. Sorry but why would I want that, so you have a clue of my day to day life., you ask for one, just leave it there.

Sorry but gone are the days we read essays.

Give her my medical report . Ho leave it there I might glance over it later, hum

I am sorry but we have been told it's,more of a yes or no answer now not interested in anything else. Just fact.

Good start.

Where have you parked your car said just out side door

How did you find the walk from there Not bad hard work but ok

Ho well that's just under 50 metered..( new they would have it measured out.

Who drove. My husband.

Do you drive your car. Yes

How far About from here to motorway about 1 mile I would say

What for To pick my friend up so she can help me go to jacuzzi sometimes

How often I try to go about once a week sometimes twice but I don't always manage to go. And I can go with out anyone .

My husband drives mostly due to pain and head fog. Sorry didn't ask you that.

Do I have a oven and a hob. Yes. Never asked if I used it. Interestingly.

Do I know how to use a microwave. Yes still never asked if I used it.

At this point I said I get all my hot meals made for me . Sorry not interested.

Can I make myself a drink . Yes but before she moved on I said that I use a very light kettle . Took no interest at all.

Can I dress my self. No I need some one to put my socks and shoes on if I wear them.

But I see you have no socks or shoes on just slip on crocs.

Yes makes life easyer it is summer winter it's different.

What type of house I live in and what bathroom like . Shower sink toilet.

Can I shower my self Yes apart from part of my leg and feet. Which my husband does. With the aid of a stool.

do I have a down stairs loo. No we bought a commode for this reason, thinking of having one put in pantry no where else to fit one. But you haven't got one no just a commode. That doesn,t count.

Now the best bit

Do you need help with your toilet needs and befor you answer I don't mean how you get there if you need help to get there just a simple yes or no can you sit on a toilet and can you get of a toilet. Yes but I do suffer from incontenace of the bowels some time and Evan had to get in a shower . I told you we are not interested in that well at this point I nearly got up and went.

Then all about medications, what effects they have on me.

This us a good one.

Have I ever attempted suiside No but only because of my family I have thought about it many times, but never attempted it. That does,not count.

Who are you see at the moment for your illness. GP because all others have said they have done what they can go away and learn to live with it.

She ask me to stand on my own without my stick but said I could hold on to table if I needed

Ask me to put my arms out bend me elbows cross my arms put my hands behind my head which I did but not without wobbling.

Then put my arms at my side pull them up to shoulder height. Which I could not do. Ho well might have got one point for that .

Then bend over and go down my legs as far has I could usually get to knees nearly but today I got this almighty,jab in my back started to shake and that was that.

Get on a bed and sit up with back rest and lift my legs. Couldn't straightened legs out

so she grab hold of one and tryed but it started to shake. Then she said lift my leg I couldn't so she lifted it and said push against it but all it did was shake. So she gave up. My husband helped me get off the bed.

Then she asked how I go on with tights. Said don't wear them can't get them on.

Then she said bend your knees as far as you can so holding the table tryed but didn,t get far. Just to pain full.

How do I put my underclothing on with great difficulty I said and sometime need help to get my knickers on.

I was in there 1 hour .

The interesting thing was she never ask if I could get out of bed on my own do I need help in the night.

Or do I need help with any thing else like can I wash and dry my hair ,

Do I need help with incontenace .

I have looked at the pip you fill in on the Internet and I would say there is about half the questions on there that wasn't asked at all.

Like this one I forgot.

Can I use the intenent. Yes

Can I plan a journey. Yes

Never asked if I could follow it which U.S. On the pip questions but I got that in saying that if it was somewhere I didn't know I could not do,it. Due to the stress and anxiety that it would cause he I would be a danger to other people on the rd so I don't Evan try my husband does it.

They will be a few I missed but that's the jIST of it .


You can't put your own socks on or shoes.


Not holding any hope out because they don't seem interested in the pain . The upset of not being able to do things.

Before I came out I asked her if she would be reading through my medical reports .

The answer I wasn,t supprised at. I may browse throught them but pkease remember the decision it's mine,I just tick the boxes.

Hope this is a helpful

Then to top the day off very nicely my best friend rang to say her father had passed away this morning. He was 104 next week but it's never the right time.

I felt so bad because,I was worn out with this morning I couldn't make myself go and see her.

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It sounds like you have had a horrendous time, it just sounds so wrong and discriminatory to be treated in that way. If you don't get the decision that you hoped for I would appeal against it, at least you had your husband with you so he is a witness to what occurred and how you were spoken to, I wonder did your husband take notes about what was said, that is what we have done in the past when applying for ESA and it helped us when we had to go for appeal. I will have to go through the new PIP assessment in January and I have to say I am dreading it, it hasn't even happened yet and it is already worrying me a lot, it is disgusting that we have to go through this.

I hope you get the result you are entitled to even though the assessment itself was not nice



Hiya yes it wasn't pleasant at all.

No he didn,t take note never thought of that to start with.

But I have written the post with his help two heads are better than one.

But we will be appealing if we have to. Just have to wait and see what the out come is. As it was very hard to judge .

But I know the questions should have been can you cook a meal using an oven or hob and it wasn,t it was do you know how to use one.

And as for the microwave should have been can you cook a meal using a microwave not do you know how one works. Would have made no difference cause yes I can cook a ready meal in one.

On the form it asks can you manage your toilet need or do u need to use an aid, need help.etc.

Not can you sit on a toilet unaided and get up unaided.

Never Evan asked about the help I need at night or any help we revived at home. Which to would have been yes I do need help at night and yes we pay out of our own money for a cleaner.

I don't know if you have experienced this but because I hadn,t seen a specialist this year apart from I have had 2 big operation and I have been told to,learn to live with it so it is just managed by my GP there not interested. I asked her what I was supposed to do.

We talked about the physio I have had she said was I still having it I told her no because I was only allowed 6 sessions on NH and that was it, but wasn't interested that I had pay for some .

I could go on and on, but because of the lack of question I wasn,t asked I have very good grounds for an appeal if I need to.

We have already decided we have lost the car.

Just have to wait and see hopefully we have got the totally wrong impression of her.

But we will be getting a copy of the report should make for interesting reading .

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your pip assessor sounds like she was very poorly trained or as usual she had far to many people to see so she rushed through the one size fits nobody tickbox routine. the poloitical iquiry into atos and the so called all work test found them both unfit for purpose but both are still being used. i have asked two different solicitors if it was possible to sue but they both looked at as iff i was mad. actualy just mentioning a t o s makes my blood boil.


Funny you should say that, a lady came in after me and they told her they could be up to an hour wait as they were short on assessor that day.

But I was in there just over an hour. And she she was still sat there when I came out. Hum.

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I can't help thinking,,,,,,Auschwitz !

Thank you for taking the time to expose this abuse, it is only with exposure like this that the abuse may end.

How can they tell anything about the problems you have getting through the day with this type of abusive rhetoric.


Oh goodness! It sounds like you were treated appallingly. I'm so sorry.

It might be an idea to copy your post into a word document, or copy it on your tablet and save it into your photos, so that if you should need to, you can remember what happened.

I really hope you don't have to appeal. It does sound like the questions were quite ridiculous.

All I can say is that I'm wishing you the very best and I hope that you get the award you so deserve.

Lu x


Hiya blue how do I do that its on an iPad thanks for your comments.

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Do you have Word on your iPad? If so just highlight the whole of your text, tap the screen and select copy then open a new word document and paste it in. Don't forget to then save your Word document (i.e. name it).

I've just realised you can't save text in your photos (sorry) but you can screen shot your text. As it's so long you'll have to do it in 2 segments. I'll talk you through that if that's the one you need to do.

Hope that helps?

Blue x

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No I don't have word just note .just had to open new note put heading on then it let me paste.

But did it . Yes I am not too thick not good at spelling but who cares not me.

Infact today when she asked me would I know how much change I would get, would I know Andrea this was after I told her I was an accountant for my job,lol I said I am not thick you know and never said I was.


I have managed to fine out how to copy but what do you open up to paste I haven't got word just notes but won't copy on to that

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Thank you so much for that I managed to do it proud of my self.

Had to open a new note before it would let me paste.

But done it now.

Yes I have been real upsetting today didn't really relise what had happened till we came home and talked about it. I has to stop myself from crying while I was there only had a trickle.

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Ah. Just seen your message 😊. Bet you're proud of yourself. It's great when we're able to find out things we didn't know before. I just thought it would be a great reference for you in case you have to Appeal.

I really do hope that you don't have to, but it will save you sifting through posts trying to find this one.

I hope you're feeling a little calmer now

Blue xx

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Yes it felt like that from the beging. She started off with they have changed it just want yes no, no explanations all they want is upto date facts.

You sit there she said to me and to my husband would you please move your chair back out of the way in other words he couldn't sit next or near me and it was because she had a bad neck.

And also the diray that they advise me to do in the letter she wasn,t interested in, and that they don't read assays anymore. Butterflies then I said well why ask for it in the first place.

Ho well there you go but what do I do, I have to wait for the letter of the decision before I can ask for a copy.

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Hi, I can surely sympathise with you, that is absolutely appaulling!! I had a similar experience with an ESA assessment some years ago. Felt more like an interrogation- horrific!! 😈

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I just couldn't belive it from the start. Hadn't sat down hum well can't do anything only just wait and see

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I wish you the very best of luck with this- if you don't get the right outcome please go to an advisor, tell them all you have told us and fight it, and WIN!!! 💟

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Thank mastoid but where do you get adviser from I have Copyied all I have wrote.

I will be appealing if I need too. I am just so tired just know head all over the place.

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Hi, I'm sure you are exhausted after what you had to endure. If they turn you down ask for a copy of the medical report so you can highlight all the discrepancies in it. As soon as you get the report, ring your local citizens advice to help you fight the decision. But hopefully you will get the right decision xx

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the pip assessment sounds about right, they do not care, I honestly think that they get bonuses for giving people zero points. I do hope that you do get what you are entitle,d too. But they any make us jump through so many hoops in the process.

One thing I will advise you to do is to write to the DWP now and tell them that you require a copy of the assessment carried out. Imply that you will be contacting your MP for help. It took me 3 months to get a copy of my assessment, and I am sure they only sent it when I said I was going to my MP.

I wish you a speedy and good result



Yes I am going to ring tomorrow saying I had my assessment and I want a copy of the report sending with there decision.


I wonder if you can lodge a complaint with them also for the horrible way you were treated?

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I think she was just laying cards on table before we started like a school teacher.telling us it's not her and this is the way it's going to be yes not nice she wasn,t nasty just a mater of fact and if I tryed to start to explain she stopped me and said they do not want to know. That could she had a yes or a no.

So I just kept saying no. Then she asked me why not so I said now you want to know I thought you just wanted the facts.

Think she was surprised when I said I could lift my leg so she tryed and it started shaking and hurting.

I thought you wasn,t supposed to do anything that caused u more pain I was trembling with the pain by time she finished.

Will wait and see what happens not making any waves before I have to.

But they will get the whole lot.


Thank you for that

We asked for a copy today but she said I had to wait for the letter and then ask for a copy which we will be doing.

But yes I will ask for a reconsideration and then if they still take it off me I will go CAB.

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There is a charitable organisation that also helps people with this but I can't remember the name of them or find the link can anyone help with that please?

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Hope I don't need that I really don't know if I can be bothered with al this stress,

Might feel better in a day or two .

The one thing that sticks in my mind is when I asked her that you don't really want to know what bowel incontenace makes you feel like what effect on me it has and that some times I need to get in the shower if it's happened at home. She said no all I want to No is can u sit on a toilet and get off one.

i told her if I have to go out and I haven't been I need incontenace pants.

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I'm sorry hun that was not a nice experience for you. If u are turned down you must ask for reconsideration.


Jo x

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Well Joanne

What can I say whisky is very good for the soul. Ho yes I got a detailed account. Whish I had arranged for it recording now .

Ho yes I will be appealing but you never know we might have got wrong end of stick . Ho ho don't think so .

What she was basically saying is because I don't see anyone only my GP now I am ok.

Tryed to explain they have said nothing they can do learn to live with it doesn't count. Ho I will just wait and see .

Please let me know how you go on when you hear she told me about 3/4 weeks.

Good luck



I am so genuinely sorry to read that you experienced such an appalling time during your assessment, and I sincerely hope that you achieve an award.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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Well I get it now and have done for past 4 year so if they take it away I will surely miss it.

But just have to wait and see .

Thanks for caring it means a lot to me

God bless you and all

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Are you sure you were at the right place ??? From the horrible experience hope you did not you wander into the vets by mistake !!!

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I feel like I have been mentally and physically put through a ringer.

I was at the vets on sat having my old dog put to sleep, and I can tell you yesterday experience was very similar.

At this present moment it's the principle and that's why I have let them know before any decision has been made so then no one can turn round and say sour grape.

For all I know I might keep my benifits I might not who knows can't think that far ahead yet, but the written complaint is going in no matter what the result. Thanks any way for your concern


Sorry to hear about the dog but my main point was the vets would have treated you far better than those bloody idiots who assess you.

Good luck with you complaint and why you should appeal if they fail you.>



there is an organization called fightback for justice, who will fight your case for you. They have an excellent success rate, and do not charge. You can give a donation if you win your case, but it is entirely voluntary.

Good Luck

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Thank you for that will look into if I need to


you are welcome, i foune the advice on there really good. You can also ring them and sk for advice.

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I am sorry to hear about your awful experience.

I only know how upset and annoyed I was with my own recent PIP medical assessment. I ended up asking for a Mandatory Reconsideration and was partially successful in overturning the original decision. I did not have the energy to take it any further.

However, health care professionals are supposed to treat you with dignity and respect. This is not suspended just because it is a DWP related assessment and you are applying for or are in receipt of benefits. I ended up making a complaint to the Nursing and Midwifery Council. They are assessing my complaint at the moment.

Once you get the report, it should say on it the qualifications of the assessor. If you have the energy then do please consider making a complaint. It may stop someone else experiencing the same awful treatment.

I hope that up you recover your strength soon.

Best regards,


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Hiya Dave thanks for that info.

Yes if the decision is bad yes I will be appealing that but don't know anything yet,

I am going to make sure they know it is not the decision I am complaining about it is the way in which both I and my husband were treated.

Feeling a little bit more on an Evan keel today.


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