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What should your Vitamin D level be?

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I have another post running as I've just been diagnosed as vitamin D deficient at 35 nMol/L - as you can see this is too low.

The figures for the UK are on the right hand column.

I hope this helps someone and perhaps encourages someone to push their GP or whoever to be tested.

I have an appointment next week with my GP to discuss. x

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I do agree with you I think that all vitamin levels should be tested .

Unfortunately its down to your GP if they agree to do them or not and of course its all about their budget ,Many even wont prescribed vitamin tablets on prescription but advise a healthy diet is all you need.

Problem is that many on benefits do not have the income to purchase these tablets independently.

Their are several places that you can get vitamins tested privately but again its cost

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tigerlily72 in reply to Rose54

I totally agree with you. Also, depending on how deficient you are, otc products aren't always enough or a sufficient strength to resolve an issue. I've got a pre payment card as I pay for my prescriptions. I'm hoping my GP will prescribe for me as she's fairly good normally.


I had terrible pains, not fibro, they felt different and quite severe. My gp suggested testing my vitamin d and my level was 13. I later saw the consultant at the pain clinic and he said it can take a year or two even with taking high dose supplements before the level in your body is high enough and stable! My pains improved drastically after 2 or 3 weeks of taking high dose vitamin d.

Always worth asking your gp.


R x

Hi Rachelle,

There is such a thing as a "temporary palliative effect" known to be felt with this HORMONAL system (which sadly does not last & . . . . .) - for which the basic biochemistry has been established for well over a decade.

See the link in my post on this thread for a relatively straight-forward introduction to this:


I hope that's of help - I REALLY DO ! Supplementing is NOT always the right thing to do given a low "calcidiol" test result - it depends on other things too, like HOW the level became and is remaining LOW.

Sid ;~)

20 May 2018


Blimey, that is low! I've since been reading elsewhere it takes months and months to recover. But it's good to know you started improving after only a few weeks 😀

I started taking 2 tablets a week today after rheumatologist wrote to my doctor saying my level was 20 whatever that means something else to go with vitamin b12 deficiency.

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Rose54 in reply to maco100

Be careful i was taking B12 1000pg after being told mine was low and having a three month course of B12 tablets from GP ,

Latest blood results show abnormally high levels and high light to see GP or practice nurse.

GP told me all bloods in range it was only that i have access to my test and check myself i found this out

Hi I have been having b12 injections every 3 months for last 3 or 4 years.

I live in UK. My GP told me 75 was normal but according to this chart 75 is still low!! I take 1000u daily anyway. I haven't done much research on vitamin D. I think I need to read some more. I read some research lately where people with psoriasis all have low vitamin D but scientists don't yet understand why that is.

I'm in the UK too. From what I've been reading and finding out, doctors have no idea how to treat this properly and what they consider "normal" can be far from it. Another site and forum I'm on recommend an ideal level of around 250.

I'll have to look into that. Thank you.

Hi TL !

Please read my reply on your other thread for this, which goes a LONG way to explain the limitations of JUST measuring ONE metabolite, and trying to draw conclusions from this ( - for the WHOLE population !):


The link to the Fearless Parent article in the above post is the MOST important introduction to the immensely COMPLEX (prohormone) "vitamin D" biochemistry I've found to date. Hope its of help to you too !

Notably, JUST supplementing on the basis of the standard (UK) "vitamin D" ( - or calcidiol test) is KNOWN to be the WRONG thing to do in an (identifiable !) portion of all the cases: DO therefore BEWARE ! ! !

Sid ;~)

20 May 2018


Hi K-K !

SOME scientists, researchers and clinicians too already KNOW what's almost CERTAINLY happening in a whole range of conditions like psoriasis - but MOST of our (UK-based !) medical profession continues to remain in the DARK over this, failing YEAR-after-YEAR to examine the REPORTED biochemistry. According to this it IS clear that measuring JUST one metabolite of the prohormone ( that has been misnamed !) "vitamin D" is NOT sufficient to allow a good enough interpretation of what is going on in the WHOLE of the population.

See my reply to Tigerlily's other thread on this: healthunlocked.com/fibromya....

Hope that's of help !

Sid ;~)

20 May 2018


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