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Unsure how to claim for pip


Hi it’s been a while since iv been on. I read the comments every day,I’m quite a quiet person and find it hard to explain my condition to people that don’t know anything about fibro,and I think that is why I have not claimed for any kind of benefits the forms put me off and in all honesty I don’t think I have the energy.

I have been filling out the online form for a blue badge and stopped, question how does your condition affect your ability to walk or something like that,I put severe pain in both legs and back and burning sensation in muscles is the ok or is there a better way to describe it help please.

Thanks Lizzie57

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Hi I'm not sure about blue badges. I think if you add "so this limits how far I can walk". That's what I'd do but I'm no expect. As regards to benefits you can get help from local fibromyalgia support groups or welfare rights. They are both really supportive and good with having the right words to explain things. Hope this helps x

Lizzie57 in reply to pugwash80


Thanks my local support group is about 32 milies away if I go it would wipe me out for the day,and sorry to say the welfare tights where I live are to be perfectly honest are nothing short of useless,I had to use them some years ago just to have my stamp paid and they couldn’t even get that right my folder was put away and forgotten about,when I went to see how far they had got my file was lost this happened twice so I didn’t go back. But thanks anyway appreciate all replies.have a good day.



that's fine but also add how long you can walk for and how long you need to rest for and if you suffer from fatigue do you use any aids walking stick or frame .

Does anyone have to accompany you when you go out .

As for PIP make appointment with CAB or similar to help complete application form

Hi lizzie the blue badge you putting severe is enough do not say the word ok thats all .severe pain and no energy and you get pain when you walk distance and no energy and tired should be enough and how far you can walk is it 20 metres 50 metres etc the lower the better chance.have you applied yet for pip .it is simple really if your are going to i will post you number and wot you need ready for the phone call it is that easy then you will have about 6 weeks to fill forms in and practice on other paper and decide about advice and lots do it their self and successfully no problem p.s.wot you just put on online form the word SEVERE is the right wording for pip

Hi Lizzie, I have never personally applied for PIP or Blue Badge but I see you have received good advice from some of our helpful members. You may also find it helpful to contact Janet the FMAUK Benefits Advisor, I have put the link below that will take you to her contact details and other useful links you may wish to use in the future. Good luck and take care. x


To claim PIP you need to telephone for an application form. See gov.uk/pip/how-to-claim. Before you call, you’ll need:

your contact details, for example telephone number

your date of birth

your National Insurance number - this is on letters about tax, pensions and benefits

your bank or building society account number and sort code

your doctor or health worker’s name, address and telephone number

dates and addresses for any time you’ve spent abroad, in a care home or hospital

Hello Lizzie.

I applied for a blue badge after I was awarded my PIP and ESA and it was really straight forward. Just told them about the troubles I have. Pretty much asked the same as what ESA and PIP though in not as much detail..however they did have a requirement to meet to be entitled to get one..one of which was to be getting enhanced rate of mobility component of PIP. I filled in my own paper work for all 3 and never had any problems. Had a home assessment for PIP without even asking so it was clear they had been thorough in reading my claim form as knew I couldn't walk 10 meters without being in pain. So far I found all the advisors both on the phone and in person really helpful and understanding about Fibromyalgia symptoms. I also have Osteoarthritis. Make sure you get all your letters together from consultants etc to back you up and just call them. don't be scared..good luck chick x

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