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hey I've just got my review back from pip, i had to do an over the phone meeting, which the line kept breaking up on i think the nurse had to hang up at least three times due to the connection, but some of the stuff that was on the letter really upset me, saying that i didn't sound in pain so I must be not in pain i used it against me, i built a rapport with the assessor as she was asking very personally questions and said because i was able to communicate with her that was used against saying i didn't have anxiety saying my speech on that day was normal and i didn't sound in low mood so that also was used against me, i'm putting in for appeal but i'm wanting some advice on how to handle it. I'm only 23 i was finally diagnosed back in oct at 22 so all this is so new to me and I'm just wanting tips to help me through this


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Hi there, it's nothing new about them rejecting your claim most people have to appeal , first it's a mandatory decision over phone where you put over why you feel it should be over turned. Firstly get all your information about your illness also remember it's not your illness but how it effects your life and how you live with it . It took me a mandatory decision to receive it and once you start to receive PIP you should keep on it as long as you need help. Clive.

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Just to balance this out and not scare anyone, some of us do actually get awarded it 1st time, I've just had my 3rd renewal and have never had to appeal. After my phone call this time I have been award higest care and mobility. I think by saying most people have to appeal must make some readers very worried about making claims

Hi Butterfly, I hope ur PIP claim is successful. Just wondering when you applied.

I applied 2 months ago but i havent had a call back.

thanks x

Butterfly31 in reply to Amiie

i applied back in feb and had my call back in may and got my reward letter three days ago

Alone717 in reply to Butterfly31

So did you get PIP for fibro ?

Smoggie1 in reply to Butterfly31

I applied in January and got my call Tuesday it was very stressful asking how I can get a nightie on. But not easy for knickers...had to have phone on speakerphone as too long and painful to hold for over an hour..I don't think I did good just couldn't think even tho I had put notes Infront of me...feel defeated..she said can wait up to 6 weeks for outcome but I not holding out much hope.kept saying. If things weren't in lockdown how would you be.. not much different actually.made it big deal I could squeez a salad cream bottle with left hand..but couldn't with right without being in pain... Do your pulls come in protection how do you get them out..I don't hubby does..well then where do you keep them all...in containers on worksurface with press lids...I know it probably worse in face to face..but just feel defeated.xx

Oh no that's awful! I just had my telephone review. It lasted 2 hours. It was very friendly and the line was bad. I was really nervous. I was diagnosed in 2005 and this is only my second review as I was only taken seriously 2 years ago after losing endless jobs due to being ill ! I was so anxious when I put the phone down i feel shocking now ....and now have to wait 2 months for a decision :(

hen-house in reply to Maddy1974

Hi Maddy, i gave it 2 days then called them and asked for the copy of the report, you can usually see what you might get by that but i had mine a few weeks ago and they made a decision on mine 3 days after my phone call - might have been a one off but that was very fast!! I would ask for a copy, at least you can get an idea of what your looking at and also see if the assessor was friendly, mine was but that wasnt reflected in my report!! good luck and gentle hugs xx

Rabs550 in reply to Maddy1974

Good morning hi I was just reading about ur claim for pip can I ask do you only have fibromalgiya or other health issues and also what medication do you take xx

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My decision came back within 4 weeks of my phone call so you might not have long to wait

Hi Butterfly, it must be a set thing to say, i got my phone report a few weeks ago, it said it didnt sound tired, i didn't sound Anxious or in pain - how can they say they can tell that? The good one they used in mine all the way through was that i can drive so therefore i can do all of the things fine, i did get 8 points and was awarded the low daily living but it was all total lies, i have done a MR letter detailing each issue that was wrong and why, i have had amazing advice from these amazing friends on here and im sure you will get loads, and now im waiting - then if you can stick it out its the tribunal - they shouldnt be allowed to do this - just one day in our shoes and i wonder if they would still feel the same? Good luck, if i can be of any help just shout me - Gentle Hugs xx

Rabs550 in reply to hen-house

Hey good morning I just wanted to ask have you gone against there desision and taking the matter to the tribunal

hen-house in reply to Rabs550

Hi i have asked for the MR and was told the wait is around 10 weeks

Rabs550 in reply to hen-house

Well good luck but make sure if it dont go through which I hope it does as you need all the you appeal with there desision what medication are you on for the fibro

it is like the assessors have a set copy paste script just like scam merchants in telephone sales . a lot of people do not recognize the picture that these ruthless parasites paint . on the bright side when you take it to a tribunal the people there tend to actually listen to you and in 70+ percent award in favour of the appellant . do get help with your appeal in some areas the c a b can be very helpful .

They said similar about my hubby he came away with low mobility no care I don’t know how they can tell you are not in pain over phone they should be doing video calls at the very least

My wife had her review in person in Reading as talking on the phone is difficult as she can hold a phone for long. You can’t park near the location so it’s a painful walk. Your asked numerous questions by a young girl with no medical qualifications or in fact interest in you. Then two weeks later they turn you down but on appeal you get approved. Seems to me PIP could save some £500,000 per year by scrapping these meetings and dealing with the doctor directly. Sorry for the rant. But appeal,appeal, appeal.

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They are doing all applications via the phone due to the Covid lock down so at the moment people don't get a choice, they would of asked your wife to use hands free if she can't hold a phone, most mobiles you can use handsfree

Hi. Sorry to hear this. I had my telephone assessment a few weeks ago within 2 weeks I had my decision back. They gave me Enhanced Care, but took two points off me for mobility saying I don't have overwhelming psychological distress when I go out. I've now lost my car, and am currently having to wait 10 weeks for a manual reconsideration. Which is a pain because,if you return your car within 8 weeks you get £1,000 to help with buying another, but with the manual reconsideration taking 10 weeks I'll be out of time. She said I wasn't prescribed medication for anxiety when I get Mirtazapine and Amitryptiline. I told her nothing had changed since my last assessment apart from that I now have copd. She didn't listen obviously. The ones who sound nice on the phone are the ones who screw you over. Just get as much evidence as possible. A letter from your partner or family member who spends the most time with you and knows the best about how your problems affect you are the best ones to write a letter. Good luck

Rabs550 in reply to adymarsh2

Hello and good morning I just wanted to know you got the enhanced rate for the care or the mobility and how many points did you get xx

adymarsh2 in reply to Rabs550

Hi I got enhanced for care, and did have enhanced mobility, but after this assessment they took 2 points off my mobility down to 10 points and makes me lose my motability car... So I'm summary I got 14 points for care (enhanced) and 10 points mobility Standard 😪

I am in exactly the same position as you. They have flipped my old DLA to PIP on its head.

For the last 10 years i have had on DLA middle rate for care and higher rate mobility. Now on my transition over to PIP they have awarded me Enhanced rate care and standard rate mobility.

All down to no anguish or psychological distress.

They have not taken into consideration the pain and exhaustion i have every day.

I know that I am very lucky to have been given PIP as i know that a lot of people have been stripped of the whole DLA in this transition period. But it is definitely the mobility award that i need more. I have also put in for a mandatory reconsideration. And i am so glad i came on here because it has made me feel less worried and has given me a lot more hope, now that i know so many of you have also asked for a mandatory.

Good luck to you all. Dont stop fighting for what is rightfully yours.

Seems that they do this with everyone. If you were applying due to pain and mobility then your mood that day not that relevant. I had assessment on what I would class a good day ie could get out of bed so got declined. Just appeal and don’t give up as seems strategy is to hope people get fed up and drop it.

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Not everyone, I had my phone call 7weeks ago and have been awarded higest care and highest mobility

Hello and good morning I hope ur OK I just wanted to know have you heard back the second time and did it go through did they award you the pip??

I lost my DLA/PIP as to them I seemed ok and was devastated. I wrote back to them but my daughter typed it up which I mentioned and I highlighted everything they seemed to have misunderstood - I didn’t saying you’re a bunch of liars though I wanted to! One great piece of advice I got from here was to say that they had probably mixed you up with another call/visit as they do so many and never say they were lying or wrong as they stick up for their own. Go through your application, the telephone interview and the letter and highlight all the differences. It’s tough and took me a while but we’re in a fight.

I really do think they try to stop as many people as possible and those that don’t do anything about it or appeal are wins for them.

Good luck 💜

I am sure a lot of what they put in these letters are copied and pasted because I had the whole “built rapport” “opened up” what do they expect from you? You have no option but to open up because if you don’t share information then that could impact on your claim. Honestly please don’t take it personally it’s not against you I really believe they have a standard response for most people and just cut copy paste!

Sending virtual hugs your way, hang in there, you are not alone


Now that you have had your assessment you can request a copy of your assessment report and on receiving it you can workout what you're award may should be but you still have to wait for the official award confirmation letter. Remember PIP is not about your illnesses diagnosis or disability, but how you cope and manage your daily living activities and mobility problems in relation to the PIP descriptiors.

Hi Butterfly

Hang on in there, like most people have said don't take it personally they do have a script and it is up to us to take it as far as we need to.

You very rarely get anything changed at the MR so that means appeal. Quite often the appeal doesn't go as far as court and DWP will grant your appeal.

Make sure you don't call them and just say what you agree with and why and what you don't agree with and why.

The information on here is great.

I appealed and didn't go to court.

Like others I feel they would save thousands if they listened to us and heared what we said.

Good luck

Comfy hugs


You are not the first to have this kind of issue with them. I used the guides from Benefits and Work and they were so helpful in navigating what can seem like the Twilight Zone.. Suggest you check their site:


Lots of best wishes to you.

A previous post from me lists various guides. One of them deals with how to challenge an assessor’s report. healthunlocked.com/fibromya...

I had my assessment two weeks ago and had payment into bank today not got the brown envelope yet so not sure what I have been awarded.

Keep going and it will be ok.

I really didn't think I would get it but I did so everyone had a good chance.

Good luck xx

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