New pip claim

Last time I waited 73 weeks to get to tribunal and got awarded standard care pip got a lot of backpay but it finished 7 months after tribunal as only got it for 2 years so applied again in July...

Have an outstanding social worker now who got me an OT assessment who wrote loads of good evidence as did young carers and my sw, had 11 pieces of evidence..assessment was August 2 and it seemed fair my legs were bad and she seemed reluctant to touch my legs as they were visibly sore, I had a splitting headache, they seemed unusually sympathetic, think it was cos my sw was taking notes. She did a breath test as I'm on 140mcg of buprenorphine transtec and it affects my breathing, I forgot my inhaler and couldn't breathe after hitting 200 on the peak flow.

.I have fibro, disc degeneration which has caused bad issues with both arms and one leg have to have neck fused, aneamic, and depression long term.

I had a call today from the decision maker who wanted to know has my condition suddenly worsened, I said no I just didn't get listened to before and had to fight, before this I had 2 previous attempts at DLA but couldn't get anything, and I now also have support which I never had before, and I was grateful for anything last time...she said a decision will be done today...I'm on hot bricks...would she have phoned to deny the claim...what do u all think...gentle hugs x

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  • I got the same call they ask when did my condition get worse has the don't give you the first 3 months of it being worse so if you are the same your payment will just continue if they have awarded you

  • I told her that I've been like this for 4/5 years which is the truth...did you get an award?

  • Yes had my care increased mobile stayed the same but this time shorter award incase my mobility needs changing fell short on 20 meter rule

  • I have a feeling they are probably trying to decide what level to give you. Fingers crossed it is a good decision.x

  • Hopes and fingers crossed for you. x

  • I don't understand the system in the UK but you sound like you should get all available to you.I wish you the very best.Peck 🐤

  • Do you remember the thing with UNUM in the US how they deliberately were corrupt and denied everyone's claims, well they are now trading over here under the name ATOS which is why we have to fight so hard..even admitting to watching tv apparently means you can sit for 30 mins..which is why everyone in the UK has such a hard time getting our 2 main benefits when sick this one called PIP and the other called ESA both are an absolute nightmare doesn't matter if you are being honest or not..

  • Hi Ellejm , No I don't can you help me out?? Thanks, Peck.🐤

  • Hi my friend

    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your outcome, fingers crossed for you!

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I have never had a call like that and if i did i certainly would not answer any questions like that on the basis that you could be said to have replied to any question with any answer. Any appointment they have ever had with me has had a witness and beyond that any communication is in writing, no way would i answer random questio s from an unknown source on the phone.

  • Well everyone I now now the result..I got ENHANCED CARE AND STANDARD MOBILTY. 😱

    Totally stunned..anyone know what else I can get now. I know about SDP but what else can I get, cos for once I'm going to be on every scheme offered..every discount I can find..

    Thanks for the support..

  • Well done you, I'm still waiting for the brown envelope to arrive. XXX

  • Phone them, I still haven't got the letter but was told on the phone..I also discovered that I can now get enhanced disability premium which I had no idea that it existed..I know for a fact they are now on Medicals that were done in August, mine was 2nd.

  • Hello, and than you I will x

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