Can I claim pip

Hi all I was wondering if someone can help me I used to be on incapacity benifit I've got osteoarthritis am awaiting knee replacement and degenerative discs in lower back and possibly fibro haven't been diagnosed yet anyway they took me off incapacity when all benefits changed and put me on job seekers I came off that because of all the pain I'm in and am now on ESA I haven't been given a medical yet I've been on ESA since September I have to keep sending sick notes in I want to know if I can put a claim in for pip or not thank you all x

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  • Hi paulapips64

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Yes, there is nothing to stop you putting in a claim for PIP. It is a non-taxable benefit that does not affect any other benefits. I have pasted you a web page link for the GOV.UK for PIP, it has the overview and how to claim pages on it:

    I want to wish you all the best of luck with your claim.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Hi yes put a claim in, I also have fibro and disc protrusions in my neck. I put a claim in last December and are being assessed on May 20th. X

  • Yes I will thank you bvlgari x

  • Hi I had a assessment in February and still waiting to hear from them,they did send me a letter a few weeks ago to tell me they got all the information they need and will be in touch, still waiting :( (((((((((hugz))))))) ;) xx

  • Hi Hun I'm in same situation as u,I'm still sending in sick notes even though they know I've been doing that for a few years now,I put in for pip last November I had my assessment in feb this year and still waiting to hear from them,don't give up keep on at them and get the pip form filled in it is hard but I'm sure u will get the help to fill it in,if u want to chat more just shout me lol gentle hugz to u and see u laters xx

  • Thank you for replying mandz I didn't know I could put a claim in for pip until I've read it on here I've worked most of my life until the last couple of years when the pain have got really bad my doc is really good tho she's been working with me to find a med to control it but unfortunately we can't so I'm off to pain clinic and X-ray this afternoon on shoulder thanks again love&hugs x

  • Hi Paula x I came off some medication because I had bad side effects so now I'm on kapake 30mg 500 mg for pain and others for anti sickness caused by pain,they seem to do the job so far not had any other problems with them ask ur doc bout them when u see her,she sounds just as nice as mine lol which is a good thing ;) hope uget on well at hospital tc Hun ((((hugz)))) see u later xx

  • Thank you mandz yes I will mention meds to doc I've tried so many now I've lost count! But not these ones are you in the uk? X

  • Hi, kapake are the same as co-codamol.x

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