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Well if things arnt bad enough now my cholesral levels are in the sky .they was like this when i had my ta so now upped my statins cut down on goodies .wont be worth gettin up soon .got to find a new home for my dog whose 13 iam findin it very hard to walk him so ive had to think even though im confused .no goodies no work no dog whats left .plus side gettin a new grandson in the summer .

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Hi Patches12, I take statins but this is because I have a history of young deaths in my family due to high cholesterol and heart attacks. You should take Q10 as a supplement with your statins as they deplete your Q10. Good luck x

Have you tried googling the Cinnamon Trust ? They have volunteer dog walkers to help people who are ill, or become disabled. You could also ask at your vet surgery as they often know people who will dog walk.

Have you had your Vit D levels checked? as low Vit D increases cholesterol!

Who says that high cholesterol is bad? From my reading and understanding statins do no good whatsoever for women and can have awful side effects. Dr Kendrick has written a book and has a blog “The Great Cholesterol Con”. Cholesterol is used by the brain and blocking its production can cause memory loss.

Hi penny both my good are high and my bad are high .looks like im havin salads x

From various books I have read on Fibro and advised by my gp in Cyprus statins cause more muscle pain, it also depends whether it is your HDL (good cholesterol) or LDL (bad cholesterol) some Drs think now that if your HDL is ok and LDL not too high then ddon’t need statins. I myself will not take them, had them in the past and muscle pain in legs horrendous.

I was tested to see if my legs are bad through statins came back ok .my good cholestal is above what it should be and my bad one is to high .i have yearly test .upped my statins so more joy

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