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Mandatory reconsideration letter sent off


Hi all

Ive sent off a letter a few days ago to the DWP, my mum wrote explaining my condition has got worse and i now need help gettin in and out of the bath she has to motivate me to eat and i cant walk to the shop without having an attack 3-4 times so i dont use public transport for fear of having an attack and embarising myself outside, how long do i have to wait for a reply?

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Hi there, I went to citizens advice bureau just over 4 weeks ago, woman there done my mandatory reconsideration letter for me, I phoned DWP on Friday to see if they had received it yet, they said it was received on the 20th of may but could take upto 8 or 9 weeks for a decision to be made, just a waiting game now.

Lyndsay 😊

Thank you lyndsay

If its the waiting game they want me to play then i quess ill have to play, but thats the thing with games im good at them so ill just wait and see

Theres nothing to lose but so much to gain

Sure is 😃 I was only 2 points short of getting standard rate care, got a big fat zero for mobility though even though I can hardly walk the length of my living room, really hope we both get the best outcome, keep me updated


Same here

I dont know how they can deny us PIP when theres people who work and get it for somthing small like a bit of arthritis

Ill keep you updated :)

Hi guys, I hope you both don't have to wait tooooo long for the outcome; and I hope you both get the right decisions that you so deserve. X 💜

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you


i waited 9 weeks but was awarded advance rates for both

Well done, was worth the wait then. Can I ask you, were you on DLA before? I'm trying to work out if people were on DLA if the move over to PIP was easier?

Hope you don't mind me asking.

I'm laying here in my bed in my usual agony.

Sometimes I just don't want to carry on. I was asked to leave my last job due to the building I worked in being dangerous

Now no job, no income just DLA so here's hoping!

Kind regards


Hi lottie

To answer your question, no this will be my first time on PIP i havnt been on it before, but it seems really frustrating and it seems like the DWP enjoy making people like us (people who are actually ill and cant work or have the energy to fend for themselves) suffer so they make it hard to claim anything cause its almost like they cant bear to give us what we rightfully deserve, i know thats not why they do it but it just seems a bit strange to me, they need to put people who have been in our shoes in charge of the DWP at least then you know your claim has been looked at fairly and thouroughly

Rant over for now but i hope we all get the best outcome possible


i was on DLA indefinate was asked to apply for PIP last may had my assesment at home last october, but was turned down for PIP no award because the health assessor lied on her report, i sent in a mandatory reconsideration in november and it took till the 24th of Feb to get my descision, that was after i spoke to the man that made his descision in the first place and i told him he was wrong and that the health asessors report did not describe how seriouse my condition was and also sent in so much info from prescriptions to a typed letter explaining eveything from mobilty to care what i could and couldnt do

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Hi, jumping in here. Do you have a form to ask for mandatory reconsideration or just use that term?


Hi Whistler, there is no form as such. You can request a mandatory reconsideration by letter or by phone, but you have to do it within a month of the date on your decision letter. If you phone, be sure to follow it up with a letter confirming that you phoned. You need to get a copy of your ATOS medical report to see where they've marked you down. You need to argue FOR the points you think you should've got, rather than just slag off the assessor for all the things they got wrong or lied about, though of course you can point out inaccuracies which refer to the points you are arguing for. If you're close to the one month deadline & haven't got time to get a copy of the medical report, write in requesting a MR anyway, stating FURTHER EVIDENCE TO FOLLOW. You will then have one month to provide the evidence, by which time you should've got a copy of your medical report. It's a good idea to get advice from a Welfare Advisor or CAB (though I have to say CAB gave me inaccurate info). You need to be 100% sure you have good grounds for appeal before you proceed as a different Case Manager at DWP will assess your award & may take a different view from the original Case Manager - they may mark you up, but there have been cases where people get marked down. Also get any letters from doctor, consultant or whichever medical professional you use, to back you up to send within the month. I wish you the VERY best of luck, be strong. Bonnie x

Thanks Bonnie, that's really helpful.

Carole x

Hi I waited about 4wks sadly I was turned down I'm now waiting for my appeal to go to court will keep my fingers crossed for both of us good luck 😊 xx

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Im sorry to hear they turned you down

Hopefully you will have your case looked at by a fair judge, can i ask what your condition is?

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Several different ailments osteoarthritis fibro bowel and bladder problems depression list goes on and on worked for over 25 years medically retired in 2006 been on DLA since but last 2 years been tormented by ESA people haven't got hope in hell chance of being able to do any job I'm. 61 this year don't think I can take much more these people don't realise what they are doing to people

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they really have no idea what daily life is like for us and its appalling the way they can just reject us like that without properly looking at the claims and evidence to back them they just assess them through a computer how is that fair a computer doesnt know what it feels like to be us

I hope that they give you both the daily and the mobility at the enhanced rate. It is a disgrace that we have to fight for help. They should try walking in our shoes for a week. But they would not even last a day !

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Thank you liz

I know its awful how they can be allowed even told by the government to do this its a shame how this country treats its medically unfit citizens its not even their money to give, really they should have people who have been in our shoes, put them in charge of matters regarding PIP or DLA etc and then we wouldnt have problems like these

i made a point of correcting all the points on my report that were not true as stated by the assessor, as at first they only went off her report despite huge amounts of medical evidence being sent in.

Hi all

Quick update regarding the mandatory reconsideration

I phoned them up yesterday to see if they received the letter to which they replied "yes we received it today and its been scanned on to our system and its now waiting to be looked at by your case worker" they said i will get a reply in 5-6 weeks

Im going to ring them every week to check on their progress and hopefully its a good outcome

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