Hmmmmmm Gins. Cunning plan????

Hmmmmmm Gins. Cunning plan????

So lulled into a false sense of security ... I thought I had a weeks head start on my diet and healthy lifestyle ... Then I suddenly notice Gins has been very quiet this week....

A) she's stuffing her face with the last of the Christmas goodies..

B) she has spent this last week at a health spa getting a much better head start.....

Come out come out wherever you are Gins and share your fiendish plan ... Glances around hunting for Gins secret hideout.....

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  • Yeah - where are you gins - we need you! xxx

  • just a thought, maybe someone told her that if you walk 5 miles a day, the weight falls off. if she started on thursday... she could be 20 miles away from home by now! lol :D


  • Eeekkkk I hope that doesn't mean she's heading in my direction... Sticks a signpost at the end of the road saying .... Sandra's that way, Moffys the other and hides.

    VG x

  • Oh my goodness hurry back Gins!

    I don't fancy starting New Year being bundled in your car boot again or perish the thought on the back of VG's mobility scooter heading goodness knows where looking for you! I've only just managed to wriggle out of my fairy outfit! :O :P

    (((hug))) xxx


  • Great idea LIbs .... I can look left for gins and you can look right..... And that way I don't have to go round in circles. Am sending my OH into the garage now to attach my shopping trolley to the back of my mobility scooter for you stand in

    The things I do for you guys I already wrecked my ironing board and stunt kite time travelling now it seems I have to stuff LIbs in my shopping trolley

    VG : D

  • Oh my goodness it will be like Boadicea in her chariot, you riding your mobility scooter with me in the back! Heaven help me! Oh and by the way, I'm not mad on the idea of being "stuffed" anywhere lol! :O :P


  • Does. strategically placed sound better.... Imagines Libs with fairy wings, battle armour and a long spear in her hand ....we will certainly clear a path on our quest to find the Gin, I mean Gins , no on second thoughts lets clad up and make our way to the nearest Pub for gin and tonics instead... We may meet moffy there with scaramanger No. 3

    VG :D

  • Strategically placed is better yes! Trouble is today I am Flab Fogged (your brilliant expression! love it!) and Fibro Fogged, so chances are I wouldn't even notice I was sitting in your shopping trolley lol! :O ;)

    What's all this about Moffy and G&T's?! Has she taken to drinking as well as dating?! Our poor Moffy, she will need you as a chaperone at this rate VG, what an image that conjures up on her dates! :O

    Any sign of Gins yet, hope she's ok?! xxx

  • I am going to be standing .....ok sitting by for moffy should she need a stunt double or rescuing I have body armour.... Gold plated big knickers.... No sign of Gins :( I am wondering if she is ill or is really at a health spa ... Hoping its the latter

    VG x

  • A stunt double on Moffy's date, the mind boggles lol! :O

    Sending Gins lots of love, come out come out wherever you are Gins, we miss you! xxx

  • I did not know gins had gone awol, will keep my eyes open. I would be no good for finding anyone would as I always arrive after the fact xxxxx

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